CT DEEP admits in 1985 to having MT Lion Photos/evidence now say its DESTROYED!

In 1985, the Willimantic Chronicle carried a story, and picture, of a large cat in a tree in Goodwin Forest. A large tail can be seen on the cat. Using reference objects, the cat without the tail can clearly be established to be greater then 3 ft. This eliminates a house cat, and a bobcat


Southeastern CT Residents: Assist our Research

There have been numerous reports consistent with a mountain lion in the region encompassing Ledyard, N. Stonington, Stonington, Old Mystic,and Groton along route 184. See the recent article in the New London Day by Stacey Catalfamo “Are There Mountain Lions in North Stonington?” We at Cougars of the Valley have placed and monitor trail cameras


Mountain Lion RT 169

Chris November 12th, 2011 – 19:35 On 11/5/2011 I was driving on Rt 169 North bound in Canterbury at aprox noon time. A mountain Lion ran out in front of my suv (50 ft) just before the Brooklyn town line and leaped over a stone wall with ease. I immediatley pulled over as i couldn’t

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Mountain Lion on 109 in New Milford, CT

On June 12, 2017, at approximately 5:30 PM, while traveling via automobile north on Route 109/ Chestnut Land Road, I observed what I believe to be a mountain lion cross Route 109/Chestnut Land Road where the surface water Great Brook crosses 109, north of St. Francis Xavier Church and south of Chatfield Road in New

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Mountain Lion in Chester on edge of Conkaponset

We live on the edge of the Conkaponset state forest and often experience a lot of wildlife in our yard, including occasional foxes, some deer, and apparently now;Mountain Lion. Around 5:00pm on March 7th, 2017, we spotted a mountain lion in our backyard, through the kitchen window. We then saw it scatter off to our

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Mountain Lion near Pinnacle rock/Rattlesnake Mtn

This evening around 530 our dog was going crazy looking out the back window. At first we didn’t see anything but the we noticed a very large brown animal slinking around the woods near the mountain behind our house. we live very close to rt 372 where there is traffic and tons of stores but

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Mountain Lion N. Stonington

At approximately 5:20pm on Wednesday February 28 I spotted a Large Mountain Lion (the size of a very large dog with a long tail) crossing State Highway 617 across from the abandoned James Romanella & Sons building. Submitted by Michael Anzalone

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In late October/early November I was driving to work northbound on rt 11 around 7:15am. I was at the colchester Salem line and the two cars in front of me started to slow down (they were about 1/10 of a mile in front of me). As they slowed down I did too and at that

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Sighting Old Mystic

Transferring onto Lantern Hill RD from 184 in old Mystic Monday evening 01/16/17 and saw what appeared to be a large cat (size of Medium/large dog) with a long tail crossing the road and entering into the woods adjacent to a small stream. It appeared to be a mountain lion. Submitted by Ryan Meyers

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Mountain Lion in Vernon Park

Today, me and my fiance decided to take our 18 month old daughter to Dart Hill park in Vernon. After about 20 minutes of playing and having a ton of fun, I noticed what I thought was a stray dog over near the parking lot. I watched it because I didn’t see a person with

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Large Brown Cat

While working outside on a property off Elm street in Stonington, I saw a large brown cat with a long tail walking up a rock formation around 3pm yesterday. It was the size of a big dog but clearly a cat. Scared the crap out me and couldn’t believe what I saw until I did

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Young cougar = breeding population

This sighting was just over the border from the town of Kent, CT, about 200 feet into NY. I’m an experienced outdoorsman very familiar with animals in the area. What my wife and I clearly saw last week was not a native animal. As it crossed the road fifty feet in front of our car

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UPDATE ON Cougar DNA TESTS from Massachusetts

UPDATED A second set of DNA tests is being conducted on the material from Massachusetts. Massachusetts Wildlife, and the Federal fish and Wildlife were contacted, and agreed on the agency that will do these tests. It is hoped that these tests will show the area of origin of the Mountain Lion. Since it has North

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mountain lion on bethel rd

On Wednesday, Oct 19th, my daughter’s dogs were going nuts, trying to get out of the house. It was a little after 6:00am on Bethel Rd, in Griswold, down the Preston end of the road. We put them out on their runs, thinking it may have been a fox or something like that, and they

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Mountain Lion Huckleberry Trails

Came across a lone mountain lion as I was walking down a trail (hill) on Huckleberry Hill Trails in Avon, CT. It came out of some brush on my left…stopped and peed on a small wooden slat bridge and stayed still for a few moments. I noticed something to my right up the hill from

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Possible sighting New Milford

Walking my dog at about 3:30 pm, south towards Lynn Demming Park in new Milford, CT. I saw movement in the wooded area on the eastern eastern side of the road. I looked and saw a large feline, well over 100 lbs. running eastward back into the woods. I did not get a clear look

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Possible sighting in Franklin

I’m almost certain I saw a cougar at around 1140 yesterday morning. I think I was in Franklin, coming up 207 eastbound just before the intersection with 32. I saw from a distance at first what I thought was a larger dog. I remember thinking what is a big dog like that doing alone in

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Marlborough “Mountain Lion” Circulating

The “mountain lion” picture circulating all over social media from Marlborough is NOT a mountain lion. Its a bobcat. The original version showing more of the back end clearly showed the short tail. The cat also has the diagnostic white spots on the back of the ears, stripes on the legs, and the “jowls” hair

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Mountain Lion Sighting in Ashford, CT

On Monday, 9/19/16, at approximately 10:15pm, this writer went outside on back deck of yard to let my dog out. I heard an odd unusual high pitch noise almost instantly and noticed the silhouette in the distance in the dark of a very large animal with a long tail near our garden beds. The animal

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Mountain Lion Sighting in Torrington

I was at my friend’s home (9/17/2016) which is on the Torrington/Litchfield line on New Litchfield Street. I was looking out the window in her bathroom which looks out over the river and woods, when I spotted a large “cat” walking down the rocks of the river. The water is very low right now. My

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Cougar Sighting in New Canaan

My wife and I were on our back porch the other day, early morning (Tuesday)having coffee. We live in a very wooded area of New Canaan. There is a game trail that borders our property. We often see deer, occasional turkey’s etc on the back property. We live adjacent to New Canaan Land Trust as

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Mountain Lion Sighting

I entered route 395 South on August 17, 2016 at about 0400 from exit 98 and I noticed an animal resembling a large cat trotting North in the median in the area of the West Thompson Road overpass. The Cat was about 2-3 feet tall and about 3-4 feet long, minus the tail. It had

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Cougar Vocalizations

Some time in 2013 I was looking toward the mountains early in the morning from my window in Bloomfield, enjoying the scenery. This was about 5:30 AM. I suddenly heard what I thought was a woman screaming coming from the direction of the mountains. I listened intently trying to figure out where the screams were

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