Southeastern CT Residents: Assist our Research

There have been numerous reports consistent with a mountain lion in the region encompassing Ledyard, N. Stonington, Stonington, Old Mystic,and Groton along route 184. See the recent article in the New London Day by Stacey Catalfamo “Are There Mountain Lions in North Stonington?”

We at Cougars of the Valley have placed and monitor trail cameras on private property in Stonington, Old Mystic, and Ledyard attempting to capture definitive video evidence of a mountain lion in the area. We have yet to capture one on video, but our efforts continue and will soon expand.

We welcome and encourage your participation, and appreciate the numerous land owners who have allowed us access to place trail cameras to support our research.

You can help us! If you are a sportsman who uses a trail camera during the season, keep it up year round on game trails. If you capture pics/video of a wild cat, forward to us for identification. The more trail cams in the field the better.

There has not been a definitive video/photo of a wild mountain lion in CT. A couple of pnotos were obtained in fairfield county prior to the mountain lion being struck by a car in Milford, CT 6/2011 and DEEP associates those photos with that single ML.

Make sure your trail camera is positioned to capture enough backgroung features to allow for proving the location of the photo. i.e. Avoid placing angled down towards an open grassy field that would not allow for location confirmation.

email any photos or questions to Bo Ottman

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  1. I was at my kitchen window on Friday Feb.21,2014 and I saw a mountain lion coming from my neighbors yard, traveling into our yard walking south towards our wet lands . I called the Woodbridge police dept. because there was no answer for the animal control and the on call police officer was not surprised when I told him what I saw. He stated earlier that morning a police officer spotted it on Beecher road (please note the school is on Beecher Rd). He asked what street I live on, which is Dales Drive and it is off of Beecher Road. The officer said it was nothing to be concern about and that he would notify the animal control. I since called the animal control and the officer stated that it COULD NOT BE a mountain lion and there are none in CT and it could of been a bob cat ,but he did state that he would notify the proper authority. This lion was huge and was definitely over a hundred twenty pounds. Does anyone care??? There are a lot of kids in all the towns.

    Rita S,
    Woodbridge, Ct.

  2. I just saw a mountian lion in my driveway in Durham, CT. It was a close encounter as neither one of us was expecting to see the other.

  3. A danger to kids and pets? Haha, you’ve got to be fucking kidding me. Do you know what’s the scariest creature of all times, dear Tom? It’s the human being. We’re more dangerous to others than a moutain lion will ever be–on whose habitat we’ve built our houses. They have a right to roam around. It’s their home, after all.

    We’re more aggressive and driven by our basest instincts. Mountain lions have to survive, too. They kill livestock, yes, but so do we. Our ability to reason make us a “higher” species. But that’s a joke. We’re not superior. We’re just monsters who have been killing off the mountain lions.

  4. I was driving on the Berlin turnpike northbound before jct160 & saw a dead bobcat laying against the curb. I have a pic of it. I wasn’t expecting to see that on the turnpike.

    John A.
    Berlin Ct.

  5. I’d like to hear a reasonable explanation as to why the state (DEEP) would lie to the public about the existence of cougars in CT.
    Granby, CT

    1. We would too, but its happening. If there had not been media immediately nearby the cat hit on the highway in Milford, you can bet we would have never heard of it. Others have been apparently hit, and the story squelched. We had four reports of one hit in Suffield, CT. We contacted the police, and they confirmed they had several 911 calls for it. They said their animal control responded. We had several witnesses that saw the cat independently of each other. When animal control was contacted, they said there was no cat hit. DEEP said the same. But yet, we had witnesses and the police tell us there was. What is there to hide if this was a bobcat? The witnesses described a very large cat with a long tail. That report is one of several.

      1. It’s not happening. But a lot of conspiracy-thinking is.
        There were photographs in the papers of the one killed three years ago in Milford.
        Cougar killed in Suffield? Show us the photos. Plenty of cell phones with cameras on them, yet not one photo showing a cougar in CT (please show us a pic of the dead cougar with the Suffield police cruiser in the background; anything to prove it, otherwise forget it, didn’t happen). Just because someone says they saw a cougar does NOT make it an accurate report.
        So again: why would the state hide the existence of cougars?

        1. There were photos ONLY because someone was RIGHT THERE when it happened. Two beyond reliable witnesses saw the cat on the street in Suffield, including a local MD. He had his little children with him and didn’t stop. The other was a local resident, also on way to church with children. This was a Sunday morning. The police admitted they responded to the call, and indicated that they called animal control to handle it. Why then, does animal control deny the incident ever happened at all? By the way, the MD involved also has a Phd in wildlife biology. We have had retired state troopers tell us stories, look through the old posts. Why hide them? Not sure, but we proved it was happening in Rhode Island as well, and in Massachusetts they have “lost” past evidence as well. We even have a book written in the late 1940s by a well known bobcat tracker that ran into cougars with his dogs on several occasions, and wrote about them. Why hide it? Why did they try to hide the return of moose and bear in a similar fashion back in the 60’s? We were told a moose we spotted was an “escaped horse”, or “an unusually large deer”. Huh?? You clearly have some connection to be making those kind of statements. We only hear them from the state and their associates normally. So where are the photos that were identified by a DEEP expert in the past?

        2. Ill go with the witness credibility in this case, he has a Phd in wildlife biology. Pictures are rare. That argument fell apart out in Michigan where they naysayers said “cant be any, no pictures’. Well after years of sightings, a group got sick of that line of junk and put a raft of gamecams out and got one. Turns out there were over a dozen present that people saw very rarely, but no picture. The lack of a picture means absolutely nothing.

    2. Agreed. Some people say the same thing in VT..that the state is lying about the existence of Catamounts. I grew up in NW CT and now live in VT and have spent countless hours in the woods in both places. I have seen bobcats,bears,moose,fox,deer, coyotes and fisher cats..thegamut, but never a sign or atrack or a glimpse of a cougar. I find it hard to believe that state officials in multiple states are in cahoots to hide this from the public. To what end? I think there have been ondividuals passing through from time to time such as the cat in Milford. There are cougars in nearby Canada, but even in the northern part of the state there have been no credible sightings or proof of cougars in our midst. Yes, they are illusive, but up here everyone seems to have a trail camera..including myself and yet no pics. So until I see a picture, DNA evidence or something like that I cannot say I am ready to believe we have resident cats.

      1. There is DNA evidence, an cat hit, and a mother with kittens confirmed in Vermont. What you are saying is EXACTLY what people were saying in Michigan only 3 to 4 years ago. A major study by a PRIVATE agency took place, and guess what? They now have confirmed over 20, right where people insisted they would see them if they were there. We have documented evidence that state wildlife people are purposely hiding or ignoring evidence, and misleading the public. The fact that you don’t know about all the evidence out there makes that perfectly clear.

  6. I was driving on Wyassup Rd In North Stonington, Ct on 2/17/15 at about 1:15pm. A large mountain lion crossed the road about 100 feet in front of me. It had a long tail, and was very large. It was able to leap over a tall snowbank, and disappeared into the woods. I tried to speed up and observe it further, but it was gone. It was not a dog, deer, coyote or bobcat. I have never seen anything like it in in my life before. I was stunned! I am sure it was a mountain lion. Is DEEP aware of these large cats in the area?

  7. We’re traveling south on 95 and right around exit 91 in CT, north stonington, on the right side of the highway there is a what looks like a very large dead cat. About the size of a lab. I had too look into my phone to see if mountain lions live here, I’ve lived here all my life and have never heard of there being one here, when I came across this online. Both my husband and I spotted it. Tempted to turn back around and check it out, but didn’t. Would really like to know if it was indeed a mountain lion we saw if anyone goes to check it out!

  8. Sept 15 2015 – I just saw what I believe was a young mountain lion walking out of the woods, across Heritage Rd. and up to our driveway in East Lyme (at 11:45 AM). I had just glanced out the window because the crows were making a loud racket and I wondered what was up. I saw the large “cat” with full, long tail approaching. Unfortunately a car came down the road and scared it back into the woods near Pattagansett Lake, so I did not get a picture. We have often seen foxes and coyotes around this area but never a wild cat like this one.

    1. There have been a number of recent bobcat sightings at rocky neck in east lyme and some really good pictures of them posted on Facebook.

  9. My wife just saw what she describes as a mountain lion or cougar attempting to cross Rt 85 in Waterford close to the Montville town line just past the Waterford Speed Bowl on the fenced in watershed side of the road. Time of sighting was around 7:30 pm 02/28/2016.

    1. I thought I was loosing my mind. Yesterday, 3/5/16, I was driving down Leffingwell Road on the approach to Fitch Hill in Montville when a large lab sized cat leaped from from the bank on the right side of my car accross the road, no less than 15 feet in front of me. It was at a full run, touching the road maybe two or three times. It was light in color and had a longer tale. I can not say for certain that it was a mountain lion as our encounter was extremely brief, but it’s was much taller than a bobcat, and it’s gait was not at all like a dog, or deer. This is about 15 miles from the are that another possible siting was made on 2/28.

  10. Saw a mountain lion cross 184 from North to South on 5/12/16 at around 5 p.m. near Al Harvey road. Crossed the road in a couple of strides, and then bounded up the hill in another couple strides and disappeared. No mistaking what it was.

  11. Hi, I’m not sure if this is still active but I wanted to report a sighting that took place this evening, May 31, 2016, 6:30pm ish. I was driving home, and seen it cross right in front of my vehicle along the intersection of Meetinghouse lane and Town farm road in Ledyard, CT. I couldn’t believe what I saw, it was beautiful, HUGE, solid tanish color, tall, lean and had long tail that curled. Absolutely was not a bobcat, I have seen many of them around and this was no bobcat. This was located right where my home is. My children play outside so this does concern me. It did seem more scared then anything and just took off into the woods but you just never know. I think this was an incredible sighting, I have never seen anything like this before and wish I had enough time to take a picture!! Just thought I would share this with you and let you know that it did take place here in Ledyard.

  12. About 7:55pm sighted a mountain lion in the wooded area behind my house on Whittle St, CT. I was walking my two dogs and it stopped about 75-100 feet from us and did not move as I tried to scare it away. By the time I got my dogs safely into the house and went back with my camera it was gone.

  13. Saw what I believe to be a mountain lion in Salem CT at the Salem Community Park on Saturday, 7/23 around dusk. I was with 2 other people under the pavilion and we saw something walking out of the cornfield. It was quite a ways away so we weren’t sure exactly what it was. Then it turned toward us and lay down in the field. It watched us for maybe 15 – 20 seconds (my friend went running to her car to try to get her camera with her zoom lens – not in time, unfortunately) but when it got up and turned to go into the woods we saw the movement better because we were getting a complete side view. It was clearly a huge cat with an enormous tail. I’m not sure what else it could have been.

  14. Hello, We live in rural Bethany, CT. 06524 and have numerous deer, bobcats, coyote, fisher cats, bear and many other wild animals in our area and had just recently were able to capture a photo image on Wednesday, 08-02-17 at 8:29 a.m. from a motion sensor trail camera mounted approx. 10 feet high on one of the trees in our back wooded area and it is definitely a mountain lion,,,,wayyyyy to big to be a bobcat as I have seen many bobcat myself from time to time around our area over the last several years. This very large cat had to be anywhere from 125-175 lbs, very large girth body and long tail.

      1. Hello Bo, I just texted the photo of the large cat my trail cam. captured here in Bethany, CT. to the phone number your left me to contact you. Thank you, Tom.

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