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While hiking with my family on August 7, around 5:30pm, I noticed a large, sandy colored animal (no spots) about 30-50 yards in the woods off the trail. We were maybe 1/8 of a mile from the parking area. It stopped walking and looked over at us several times. I thought I noticed a little

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At 1500 on Wednesday, August 9, an overcast sky after an hour of steady rain, I was sitting in my family room when i saw a large animal, 3 times the size of a bobcat we had seen a week earlier. Long tail, 70-80 pounds, light brown color. I went to my porch to shoo

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Cougar in Sharon

On 8/5/16 I observed a large mountain lion at the intersection of Sharon valley road and mudge pond road. The large cat was sitting in a field observing white tail deer feeding. I was no more than 500 yards from the cat. I did not have my cell phone to photograph it. There was no

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Cougar in Litchfield, CT

I was driving down South Lake Road in Litchfield, CT heading toward Morris in the White Memorial Foundation wildlife preserve around 10:40pm 8/3/2016 when I encountered a large cougar in middle of the road. I had to swerve around it and it just paused its path toward the woods while I drove by. This is

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Black Panther Southbury

I live in southbury, CT. I started my walk around 05:30AM this moring (7/30/2016). I took a right from west flat hill road to purchase brook rd before reaching the stillson road.I saw a big black animal at the corner of the road. I just stood frozen. It looked like a big black animal. Then

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When me and my parents were driving to Mohegan Sun on Friday July 22nd we believe we saw a dead mountain lion on the side of the highway. We were heading north on 395. I couldn’t get my father to pull over to check it out. Did anyone else see this ? Submitted by Chris

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Fungus hunting

I began hiking up the Lebanon Commons trail in Lebanon, Ct about 7:15 pm on July 23, a saturday. I was in search of edible mushrooms. The trail crosses CL&P land and goes directly under some high voltage power lines. Some folks have built a fire pit on a rocky miss covered knoll to one

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FAKE mountain lion picture post from East Greenwich RI

A fake mountain lion picture post was put on facebook by a William Guilfoyle and is making the rounds. It contains a picture of a mountain lion taken at the Saguaro-Juniper reserve in California. The link to the original 2003 picture is here:

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Second time I saw him (East Windsor)

I saw what looked like a mountain lion this morning in East Windsor Ct. He was rolling around in the grass outside my bedroom window at about 5:15am this morning (July 8, 2016). He was about 3 feet tall at the top of the head and had a tail about 3 feet long. he was

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MT lion screaming

It was around 9 pm Friday evening and I heard the most loud blood curdling screaming coming from back woods of my house in Farmington I live at bottom of pinnacle mountain and have never heard this kind of screams I have lived here for 15 years and know how a fox calls and this

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Mt.lion!! Chaplin

June 28 2016, chaplin ct.. 7:45 am.. Tower hill rd.. Button ball brook… Mt. Lion.. Little larger than my lab. Longer, long tail, did not seem afraid of us… Just walked away ,

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its 7:57 pm now 6/28/2016 ………….. 35 mins ago a huge black cat a little smaller than a full grown mountain lion walked through the back yard from left to right i fallowed it over and watched it for 2 mins drink from a stream wile trying to get closer to take a pic with

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Webster, MA Cat picture is… Under investigation!

Another picture making the rounds on facebook is from Webster, MA. Its a picture of a picture, but some detail is visible. The person zoomed the image in and it looks like, well, a cat. Problem is there is no size reference. We have spoken to animal control some of the witnesses. They all say

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Mountain Lion crossing Old New London Rd.

Tuesday, June 28 2016 at approx 2:50 pm I saw a mountain lion crossing Old New London Rd. Near Darling Rd. The cat was at least as tall at the shoulder as my Labrador Retriever but longer. It had a long tail and was tawny in color. No spots or patterns to the coat. It

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Pic circulating allegedly from Dayville, CT a HOAX

A picture is circulating of a mountain lion, that is allegedly from Dayville, CT. Elaine Walmsley is one of the people posting it on facebook. The picure is actually one of a series taken last year in Ruidoso, New Mexico. You can view the pictures at this link: Posting hoax pictures like this reduces

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Mountain lion sighting in Scotland, CT

Large solid tan cat with long tail spotted by my two sons and myself on a trail in the woods behind our house at 7:30 am. 6/26/16, Scotland, CT. It walked within 20 yards in front of us, approx. 2.5 ft tall, maybe 40 lbs or so. Swampy area and pond, between corn and wheat

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Spotted in Canterbury

I was riding my bike on Bates Pond Road in Canterbury around 11 am (6/22/2016) when a large cat walked out in front of me. I have seen bobcat and coyote definitely not either. Smooth tan fur, long tail and black fur around the face. Quick estimate is of a 40-45 lb. cat maybe 2′

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Cougar in Ashford

About 8:30pm – 9pm on June 6/14/2016 my husband and I spotted what we think might have been a cougar/mountain lion walking on the edge of a freshly cut hay field by the back of our house (we are located on Rt 89). The cat was large, beige with a long tail that looked like

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Mountain Lion in Windsor, CT?

Around 12:15 am(6/17/201) we heard a screaming sound and looked out the window in our cul de sac to see a very large cat (looked black, but hard to tell) running through neighboring yards and across the street. Moving very fast and trailed by a second smaller animal, maybe a fox? We looked up the

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NOVA SCOTIA! Positive DNA for Cougar found

Over the last decade or so, a number of highly credible sightings of cougars have been made in Nova Scotia. (Like Southern New England). The usual tirade of negativism flowed, saying if they were there, there would be evidence. People would get pictures, and they would be hit by cars. Well, Michigan has already proven

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Cougar in Ashford, CT

Driving to work at 11:30 PM on Tuesday, June 7th (2016) saw acougare chasing a deer by the section of rt 89 near Perry Hill Rd. Submitted by Timothy Rhodes

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