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  1. I don’t doubt your sighting, as I KNOW I have seen a mountain lion in Salem, CT, but I feel the necessity to play devil’s advocate based on the fact that the term “black panther” refers to a large black cat of any species…mainly, jaguars and spotted leopards…but there are also black bob-cats, which we do have here in CT….so in the interest of examining all possibilities, could it have been one of them, or perhaps a fisher cat?

    1. A fisher cat is a weasel native to Connecticut.
      I’ve had several sightings of mountain lions in different parts of this state, and rarely does a person believe me. if someone says they saw a black panther, what’s less credible about that?

  2. Unfortunately, I know what fisher cats look like, I live in the woods. This cat had a long thin tail, walked on four legs, height about 4 feet from ground and length the same. Tail about 3 to 3.5 feet, anyway. Keep looking for it, even put a camera in my car. 🙂 You’re right, panther may be the wrong name, could be puma, whatever, same body.

    1. I saw a lg. Black cat today about 100 ft. From my house, in a neighbors lot.I will not tell anyone because no one will believe it. I am a 54 yr. Old female, whoose eyesite is perfect. I have no doubt about what I saw..I am stil l shaken up…..I live in Watertown CT

      1. I saw this in Swansea, MA a few nights ago, May 27, 2014. I was in my back yard and our dog saw it with me and barked his head off charging the fence. It was hunting, jumping on something from short grass to tall grass and then disappeared. It was coyote sized but had short black hair and was more cat-like. I guess it could have been a black coyote if they exist, but it acted more cat-like.

        1. I live in Middleborough, MA. I saw a very large black cat in the treed median of Route 495. At first I thought it was a large black Labrador, but it jumped onto the guardrail and was obviously a huge cat. Probably 75 or 80 pounds. Brought traffic to stop until it darted back into the trees. I had heard stories about them, but did not believe them until that day. Spring of 2000.

          1. I live off of 495 too in n andover, 3 years ago my son was with his friend in the woods exploring and they told told me that they ran when they seen a big black cat it had a shiny coat, so I looked up pictures online and he pointed to the black puma, but I know nobody would believe us. but they do exist, they come around in the summer months

          2. There have been reports of these black cats in Southern New England. Kind of a mystery so far.

      2. karen my sister-in-law lives on fern hill rd in watertown & says she saw a large back cat type animal in her yard yesterday. do you live anywhere near that?

        1. Hello, No East. The only thing I can think of would be the route 6 corridor is common between the two locations. Can’t be too many in the state. Although there are some. lol Also it was traveling in the powerline corridor when I saw it.

  3. Noelle, I’m not doubting you either. Four feet is pretty high. However, a few years ago, there supposedly were no “black panthers” in Missouri. Somebody took a picture of one in their yard and gave it to the DEP. That ended that dispute.

  4. I love this group! I read about black bob-cats a while ago. And I think the term for these creatures are melanistic. From what I understand, it’s nothing more than a genetic mutation of that species affecting pigment, much like albinism in humans. And again, from what I recall reading, melanistic mutations are not limited to bob-cats. Melanistic squirrels are becoming more common over here, in Massachusetts. So I guess my thought is this: if sightings in Connecticut are too overbearing in volumn and credibility to deny the mountain lion’s existence, I marvel in awe and excitement! And as for the Puma sighting, until numerous others join in your claim, raising question of it’s unlikely existence here, I would think perhaps you saw a melanistic mountain lion…which I couldnt even begin to imagine how rare a sight. Amazing, really!!!

    1. I have been on a search to unravel this mystery on the melanistic cougars, thanks for mentioning them! I live in Northeast Kingdom, Vermont, where fish and game insist we still don’t have cougars. But there have been numerous claims of sightings, especially including sightings of large black cats. My husband saw one recently, which spurred this curiosity. He said it was much bigger than a bob cat, even bigger than a large dog, and definitely not a black bear. Of course, reporting having seen a tawny cougar is one thing, but reporting a black panther is basically equivalent to claiming to have ridden on the back of Champ the loch ness monster!

  5. You are deffinetly not alone. I too saw a large black cat in Coventry. It was last October(2011) and me and 2 other guys were driving to work on Rt.44, when I happend to look over into a field and saw a large black cat( not a bobcat) running thru the field. I was not the only one in the truck that morning to see it. My co-worker/friend also saw it. I’ve been hunting all my life and I know what coyote,bear,bobcat,and fishers look like and this was deffinetly not any of them. If the DEP is keeping this from the public,why? And what else is the DEP not telling us?

    1. Why indeed. I’m wondering the same thing. Maybe because they worry people will create irrational hysteria. But I see their population increasing as a great thing. They’re a natural part of the ecosystem long since extinct. But without them (here in Vermont) we have witnessed massive amounts of fatal car wrecks do to collision with deer. These cats should be welcomed to hopefully reduce these fatalities, because the number of potential attacks by big cat, will still significantly be smaller than fatalities via deer collision. So exactly, why?? That is my question. What is the big secret. Here in my immediate area we have more black panther reportings than tawny cougar reportings. Outside of this area there seems to be a lot of tawny cougar reportings though. My husband saw one of these large black cats as well. They are such an intriguing mystery, I’d love to know what exactly the black ones are! But reporting them is basically equivalent to claiming to have ridden on the back of Champ the loch ness monster! Considered far less believable than the tawny cougar sightings.

  6. Do you ever get the feeling that some people out there think we’re crazy? I have read all the scientific literature decrying black panthers not only don’t exist, they can’t exist. I grew up in Cheshire and used to play in a field that I could get to by following a woods road for about a 1/4 mile from the house. One summer day, when I was about ten years old I was in the field when I something move from the woods into the field. The field was full of goldenrod so I could only see the upper half of the animal. It was solid black and as it walked its shoulders had that slinky motions that cats have. Also there was about a foot long section, maybe bigger of black mountain lion tail. While I watched the animal approached the woods road, the road I needed to use to get back home, and it stopped for a moment, then sank into the weeds and out of sight.
    I never saw the cat again. I ran home happy to be alive and all my brothers and sisters and my father couldn’t stop laughing. If I’d see a cougar, that would be funny enough, but a black panther – oh please! It didn’t take long for me to doubt myself about what had happened, and I quiet for years. Then one day my mother showed me a newspaper clipping with a story of a black panther sighting just a few miles from where we lived, the story was written the same week I saw my big black cougar. I finally felt better. Though I never asked my mother why she waited all those years.

  7. Is this the cat that killed the horse in Coventry a couple months back. If it is its is a livestock killer and should be destroyed. A 10 year old child is easier prey tha a horse anyday and its only a matter of time.

  8. I saw a black panther just after dawn on 11/11/12. Got a real good look at it along side the road. Crouched in the grass as I approached. Definitely a black panther cat. It looked exactly like a cougar, only black!

      1. I saw a large black cat about a mile from Flanders Rd. I was at work at United Abrasives about 3 years ago And I saw a large black cat. It was walking along the chain-link fence. The fence-post are 8 or ten feet apart and the cat was about one third of size the fence post span… So the cat body was 3-4′ long. It looked like a house-cat, but bigger.

        1. When I first saw the black cat, I thought it was just a house cat. I was about 300′ away. I did a double-take and realized it was huge! It walked into the woods towards Rt 6 at the end where it starts to turn.

  9. The wildlife biologists up here say that if there are mountain lions, there are possible black ones. Pure black ones occur due to genetic defect, but not very often, most often when there is inbreeding in South America. Since the population is low apparently up here, inbreeding is certainly possible, and therefore, black cats. From time to time these reports of black ones come in.

    1. Melanistic or near melanistic Jaguar. No joke. Historically and way before colonial times Jaguars ranged throughout southern and eastern North America as far north as Illinois, Pennsylvania and Oklahoma. They have come back. Melanism would be a favored trait in cooler temperate climates for the Jaguar. Its not a Mountain Lion. ‘Black’ or melanistic Mountain Lions are virtually unheard of.

  10. I saw one when i was working at foxwoods in 2010. It was just after dawn, and myself and a coworker were driving from our motel to the jobsite, the cat pounced across the road about 50-75 yards in front of us. It was the size of a large dog, and completely black. It was definitely a mountain lion, long tail, large, and fast. No one beleives us to this day, but it was unmistakable ..

    1. Not the first time these were reported. Keep getting them in Vt/NH as well. Jaguars are a larger animal than a cougar. (up to 350 lbs). Most of the black cat reports seem to be in the size range for a mountain lion. Melanistic mountain lions have been found in South America. Since the genetics that create them usually are related to inbreeding, they are not very common where are reasonable populations. However in the NE, where the population that allegedly doesnt exist is small, inbreeding would be probable. There have been numerous reports of sightings of black mountain lions in the small florida population. Just because nobody has captured one, doesnt mean they dont exist. Non melanistic ones arent easy to catch either.

  11. I do not doubt any of you. I am from Florida however my husband is from Tolland Connecicut. While visiting his family about three years ago now in the town of Stafford we seen a large black cat walking across a break in the woods where the electric towers cut through the woods. It certainly was not a house cat. It stood at least 3 to 4 feet tall and had to have been 4 to 5 feet long. It had a long narrow tail pretty much like a cat. I immediately stopped my truck as I was driving to watch it and a total of five people seen it counting myself. So something is out there.

    1. I definetly saw this in Hampton,CT. I saw it in a tree behind our pond. My mom heard it. I was just talking to a friend about it today and decided that I should go online to see if anyone else in the area had seen anything. My sighting was 3 years ago. I’m glad that I wasn’t just “seeing” things and that it really was there!

  12. In Feb. of 2013 my brother saw a black mountain lion in his back yard in Stafford Ct near Boyer and Gulf Rd. (Soapstone Mountain State Forest). It was approx. 3 ft. long with a 3 ft. tail guesstimate of weight 70 lbs. Very big, definitely not a bobcat. It was by the brook in his backyard. He took a picture of the paw print which was about 3.3/4 X 3.5 inches. My father saw a black mountain lion in West Warren Mass. in the early 1970’s while riding his motorcycle through the woods and no one believed him.

  13. There have been several photos of big black cats taken in Pa. over the last few years. I have also seen big black cats in Florida which they say don’t exist either.

  14. I live in Westbrook CT & I just saw a big black something. I was walking my dog & headed for home when this cat like creature come out of my yard & went towards the woods across the street. I put my dog inside & went to look at the tracks in the snow, I looked online but can’t figure it out. His head was very cat-like long body he was slinking across the road & a long beautiful tail. I know what I saw but what is it?????????

    1. My parents live in the northeast corner of Connecticut. While I was home visiting, they informed me of a mountain lion living in the area. I am unsure if there was a sighting of the cat but being a small community word was spread by local hunters of they’re findings- tracks along with deer carcasses.

  15. Hey there I do tree work and one morning we had a slow start because 2 black panthers where chasing each other back and forth across the st. bloomfield ct the police said they were really having a problem with this.But the state would say they don’t live in this state and country they are here. thanks

  16. The state of CT can not recognize it, because from the moment they do, they may be found liable in case of an accident.
    I myself have seen one in Middlebury CT by Post University. I did not care about reporting to the state because I knew about their indiference regarding the issue. The state of CT is a liberal state and do not want to worry about it and much less being responsible for any casualty.
    The cougar sighting in Middlebury is common. I do not know if the cougar is still around but, even if it moved on to another area, does not stop from appearing elsewhere. Black cougar is nothing but a cougar with genes that has predominant black fur just like the black jaguars. If you see one make sure you fotograph agains a background to compare the size, otherwise people will say it is a big house cat.

  17. On July 16, 2014, my Scottie alerted me to a mountain lion prowling in my backyard near the woods, a few yards from my grandkids’ swingset! I was stunned. My dog and I were inside our sunroom with many windows and had a perfect view of this beautiful animal. We live near the center of Conway, MA. This was the second sighting of a mountain lion in my yard which is very close to a river. Many deer have grazed in this same backyard and in the field in front of my home. A few years ago, a doe came running through the same backyard followed by TWO small fawns and then came the cat behind them! My neighbors have also seen the cat(s). People are beginning to take these sightings seriously. I have reported this one to the state officials. I also published a warning in our town newsletter. I was criticized by resident for “outing” the cougar and told if someone shoots it, it’s on my conscience. I agree, but if a child at the daycare center nearby or one of my grandkids is attacked, I would be devastated People need to know that these creatures live among us.

  18. I also live in Coventry and saw a large black cat in the backyard at 6:45 this morning. It was just sitting there…not moving – like a statue – strange. I kept watching waiting for it to move…only slight head movement…couldn’t stand there forever watching. Looked back out 10 minutes later and it was gone…

  19. I live in a community in Colchester and was just closing the front door (it was about 7:45 and getting dark); however, a long black animal ran across the road – the outline appeared to be a BIG cat, small ears, short legs but it wasn’t a cat – too big to be an ordinary house cat. It ran between two houses so I lost it. It wasn’t a fisher cat; and it ran at an even pace, not like a house cat would run. Don’t know what it was.

  20. Spotted a very large mountain lion sitting still near the fish and game club in coventry cy this am about7:30. Did not stop to take a pic but should have!

    1. I live & work in the vicinity of Coventry in a position that results in people calling me on such sightings. I will say I have been getting calls about a MT Lion sightings in Willington about 2 weeks ago and in Tolland this week. There were also sightings in Tolland several years ago. The people who are telling me, are people I know and trust. I believe. We get them hit on the highway and they are gone faster than grease lightening.

      1. We had several incidents with cats hit where they disappeared like that. One attacked a horse and the horse killed it. Mysterious people with uniforms show up and take them, and then everyone denies they were there. One was hit in Suffield and killed. I had two close acquaintances that saw the cat dead. The police admitted they responded to the scene, and called animal control. Animal control then says there was NO incident. Nothing. We are pretty convinced that the Milford cat would have disappeared in the same manner if there had not been people right there to take pictures.

  21. There was a black puma type cat getting called into my office in Tolland a few years back. He/she was often found laying in the outcroppings in the sun. We never got a picture but a few people kept calling about it. DEEP says didn’t exist. Probably left Tolland and went to Coventry area. I wonder if they would live in the same area as other large cats as we certainly get enough calls about the Cougar in Willington & Tolland. They are out there….. had some tawny colored cougar calls over the last couple weeks.

    1. We had a black cat like that spotted near Easthampton, MA a couple of weeks ago too. They are seen in New Hampshire as well. Nobody is sure yet what they are.

  22. About 5 years ago i was on an ATV in otis mass and i saw a large black cat, about the size of a grown german shepard sitting on a stone wall in the woods. I watched it run off into the woods and noone did or has believed me.

    1. These black cats are occasionally reported in New England. More so in New Hampshire. No clear idea of what they are as of yet.

    2. Saw large black cat cross turnpike at bear hole in westfield exit 3 area about 6 years ago about 1:30amwhen i worked nightshift..def was not a bear..seen enough to know the difference. Stopped my truck as it crossed and was clearly visible in my headlights less than 15 yards away. Shook me up bad.

  23. I believe you because I saw one my self in Ellington CT last June 25 2015 coming my way from the woods on a dirt road . Have a Good day be careful out there .

  24. Just saw a large black cat in my back yard this past weekend in West Boylston, MA. I could hardly believe my eyes – there was a fox in my back yard barking like crazy and I grabbed camera to capture the fox. Two minutes later, a large black cat came sauntering by – the fox was barking at it like crazy and was not bothered in the least by the fox. Kind of looked at him like “what are you going to do?” LOL I did get a picture from inside my house, it’s not great but you can tell it’s bigger than the fox. I’d estimate it was about 30-40 pounds maybe? Pretty exciting – and it was definitely not a fisher cat. Fisher cats look more like weasels – this thing clearly had the ears and body of a cat. Long black muscular tail. So cool.

  25. Glad to find this site. I saw a black mountain lion-sized cat WITH kitten (which was size of a house cat) when i was running very early in the morning in Stow, massachusetts in the summer of 2000. I hardly ever tell any one because they just don’t believe me! It scared me because I was alone at 5.00 am in the woods in some sort of managment area off route 117 and I startled the adult as I came running along and she bounded across the path to be sure to be on the same side as the kitten and then they crashed off into the bushes. She leaped across my path only about 10 feet in front of me and I saw her entire gorgeous profile with square feline nose, distinctive leaping shoulder and beautiful long tail. I was running fast so I kept going for a few hundred yards but I was really spooked and did not want to go further into the woods so I ran back up and past the spot. To this day I regret not stopping to inspect tracks and look for scat but I think because my heart was pumping and then the added adrenalin of the shock I did not think straight and just ran to the B and B I was staying at. I was at a seminar all day but the next day returned and found nothing noteworthy. It is 15 years later and I still think about it and know what I saw. Everyone said I saw a fisher cat but this did not look remotely like that. She was so shiny-black and sleek and beautiful and the tail was as long as the body. Stunning!

  26. I too saw a black mountain lion who was sunning itself in front of a stone wall at 11:00 am on March 6, 2016 in my backyard in Haverhill, MA . It was a mountain lion and black. I am writing this because of its color-uniformly black.

    1. May 12th 2016 7:30pm large black cat the size of a large dog seen in my parents neighbors backyard very spooky Newton NH could be same cat as seen in Haverhill,Ma do to proximity

  27. Hi. This is the second time I’ve posted – I was telling my daughter about this true, unreal thing and I looked for my posting but couldn’t find it. I was driving on Route 61 where it bridges Route 63 in Litchfield to the intersection in Morris with 109 (about a mile from Popey’s) and a giant black cat ran in front of my car. There is no question. It wasn’t a kitty, it wasn’t a black lab, it was a cat. Very big, with gigantic paws. It looked right at me. I’m a practical New England kind of girl and a journalist as well, so I am skeptical about much, but not this. Folks, it was a giant and wild and looked like a panther.

      1. I’m living in Killington on the mountainside of the Ski on Ski Off slope. Sorry if I mispell I’m still shaking from what I saw and found this and decided to see if I have lost my mind. I was on the back deck 30 minutes ago which is about 20 feet off the ground. I looked down and saw a long black, slender animal moving very cautiously like it was stalking something. I have seen house cats do the same thing. I gasped and it looked back at me and it turned and ran very fast. One second it was there then the next it was gone like a phantom. It made no noice even when it ran into the woods. It had a long black tail and I can only guess it was possibly 2 1/2 – 3 ‘ tall and length had to be twice that. It all happened so fast but when it looked back up at me I’m sure it’s eyes were green and it had its mouth half open and it’s teeth were long. I have a 7 pound Chihuahua that I had brought in about 5 min prior. I’m still shaking and terrified to go back outside. Please tell me I’m not crazy !?!?

        1. There have been persistent reports of that animal for several years. Cougars are very very rare in black. Apparently a few were known in South America. However, there are black Jaguars. If your size estimate is right that’s a possibility. That would most likely make it an escaped or released pet however.

  28. I’m amazed to find this site! I was watching a show on the Bridgewater Triangle last night and the strange things seen there and I was reminded of something strange I saw here in my complex in Medway MA, a few years ago. I’ve never told anyone but my boyfriend as people would think I was crazy, but….I was sitting at the kitchen table on a bright sunny day with the front door open. Looking through the door, I saw a large black animal slink by rapidly and silently. Didn’t see the head, just the body going past. It was about 3 feet high and coal black, larger than a german shepherd. Quite a bit larger actually. The body type looked cat-like to me. I was so startled. And then it was gone and never seen it again. We have a lot of deer, fisher cats, beavers, foxes, etc around here, but that was the darndest thing and I never knew what to make of it. Glad to see that other folks in the general area are seeing similar things. We have a lot of woods in the area and they connect to larger woods and swamps eventually (going into State Parks, etc). So I figure there’s plenty of room for them to hide and plenty of deer and other animals to eat. Any time I see a deer bound out of the woods, cross the roads and then disappear into the woods on the other side, I realize there’s a lot of large animals that could be hiding out there that we rarely see. Be careful walking around and leaving out your kids and pets.

  29. I just saw the big black cat ( Panther) here in hope (sciuate ) it leaped out in front of my truck as I was backing in my garage.

  30. its 7:57 pm now 6/28/2016 ………….. 35 mins ago a huge black cat a little smaller than a full grown mountain lion walked through the back yard from left to right i fallowed it over and watched it for 2 mins drink from a stream wile trying to get closer to take a pic with my phone it was alerted to my presents and turned and focused right in on me and i got a great look at its face i was maybe 35 to 38 feet away ill have to measure to be positive … it turned away and took off very fast …. i have to say im very amazed … i have only heard about it on monster quest on the history channel …. i feel very lucky and i keep thinking omg what els is real lol VERY COOL ! this was on fabyan rd North Grosvenordale CT

    1. Ok why is it so hard to believe . It’s not a big deal black panthers do live in here . Not as many . I grew up in ct. Fairfield County . I lived near woods . I have seen them. They don’t bother you. As long as you leave them along. It’s that simple. I love nature . Hiking . And I’m a woods kind of man. I see nature . I v seen Bob cats . Black panthers .bears so on. Now if you tell me big foot . I say yes right. They can never prove bf is real.

  31. I live in Southbury CT. I saw a large black animal with a long tail close to the floor and curving up crossing the Purchase brook rd around 05:45AM on 07/30/16

  32. Just came across this site as I was searching the web in order to confirm…. I Spotted a large black cat with long tail Tuesday September 20, 2016 @ approx. 8:20 AM on New Lebbon Road in Newtown. I Don’t know if it was a melanistic mountain lion, puma, black panther or what the proper term is, but I know what I saw. It was way too large to be a domesticated cat and was certainly not a bobcat. I own domestic cats and live in the woods so have seen plenty of bobcats and know the difference between them and a mountain lion/similar cat. BTW, back in 2011 I saw a blond mountain lion step out of the wetlands adjacent to my house. It was about a month before the news covered the story of the mountain lion that was hit and killed in Milford. DEEP claimed that mountain lion migrated from the black hills of South Dakota.

  33. mountain lion dead on rt, 6 this morning 4;30 a m it was big gone 12;30 coming home I saw it Tuesday morning alive crossing the road close to the same area

  34. Today, April 16, 2017, I saw a black panther cross the road in front of me. The area is Fire Tower Road in Pomfret, and there is a large state forest on both sides of the road. The animal could have been a black mountain lion, I suppose, but it was definitely a large black cat.

  35. Call it a black panther, a black mountain lion, or whatever but in 1996 I lived in Falls Village, CT and a huge black cat leaped out in front of my car and was across the road in 2 leaps! It was jet black, clearly a huge “cat” with a big tail. It was huge and it leaped down into the wetlands on the other side of the road. My son and I will never forget it. It was beautiful. I called the DEP as soon as I got home and they told me that there was No Way it was a panther and that what I saw was a bear. I know what I saw and bears don’t have long tails lol. They never even went to look at the paw prints or investigate.

  36. I just saw one in chesterfield massachusetts at about 1:30 am I am shocked and confused?? this thing was about 300 pounds it was in my lane I almost hit it. I know what I saw I was going fast but I swerved so I did not hit this giant black thing in the road. It had pointy ears and was the size of a full grown tiger all black with a long tail. I grew up there and I have never seen anything like what I saw tonight. I am browsing the internet looking for answers I am confused because what I saw looked like a black panther and I guess they do no live in the US supposedly but it was so big I do not know what to think very strange but I know what I saw it was not my eyes playing tricks on me I was paying attention to the road thank god if I hit that thing I probably would have died on impact going as fast as I was..

  37. ON July 21 2017 in Granby Ct. I saw a black cat running through my back yard into the woods at about 6:30 PM. It appeared to be almost four feet long with a long swooping tail.

  38. 7/26/17 NH
    I kid you not, I was just driving home from New Boston to Goffstown on River Rd, and I saw a huge black cat – seriously mountain lion size. I know it seems impossible, but it crossed the road, moving like a cat and had a long tail. When I got to where it crossed I stopped the car and saw it’s huge paw prints. I drove on, not even thinking about taking a picture. Then I turned the car around to go back and take a photo of the prints, but couldn’t find them, as they had dried. Seriously. I was like shaking. This cat was huge – like the female lions you see in the zoo, and it was inky black. I called the local police when I got home.

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