Bobcat crosses Rt 183 in Torrington morning of 4-22-12

I had just turned left out of Greenwoods Rd, onto Rt 183 in the North end of Torrington, yesterday, Sun 4/22/12, around 9 am, when a Bobcat crossed the road about 50 ft in front of my car. I had no idea what it was at first, but with just a nub for a tail, pointy ears and white tufts showing out of the ears, I figured it probably was a Bobcat. His body looked to be about 3' long and the color was odd - gray/brown with spots; it almost looked greenish, especially when he entered the woods. It was the perfect camoflage - only the white in his ears stood out at that point. I wish I had gotten a picture, but I was driving...

Posted by Sue

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  1. wow wish I saw it!!