Bobcat in East Haddam/Hadlyme

I spotted a bobcat crossing Rte 82. near Cold Spring Road in Hadlyme. The cat was predominantly brown (similar to the photos of the cat in Ashford). I did not notice the distinctive interior leg stripes but the tail was definitely short and bobbed. I was able to slow my car and watch it for a short distance in the woods. It seemed quite large. I have seen a photo of a bobcat in this area taken recently and that cat looked quite a bit different (more spots and stripes). This cat was surely a mature male but the coat was definitely shaded a predominant brown. I don't think there are actually hybrids so it must have been a bobcat.

Posted by thommysayers

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  1. A bobcat crossed in front of my car on Orchard Rd. in East Haddam on two occasions…

  2. A couple of weeks ago at 7:30pm a saw a large bobcat in my yard. The size of my black sheperd. It definatley was a bobcat it had a short tail. I live on Maple Ave. East Haddam. Several of my neighbors have said they have seen it too. One of my neighbors said he saw a momma and her cubs about a month ago. My neighbor yesterday told me her husband spotted a young one on Maple Ave 100 yards from their mailbox. They must be living around here. A friend said she believes they live around the powerlines that cut thorough…..It’s scary having them so close to residential homes…