Bobcat sighted in East Haddam

On 11/15/2011 between 11 AND 11:30AM a bobcat crossed my field of view while I was observing several deer with binoculars on my back property in the viinicty of the intersection route 82 and 151. The deer were about 30 yds. from my kitchen window when a bobcat crossed my field of view between me and the deer which were feeding on tall grass with there heads down in the grass. The bobcat stopped about 10 yds. past them to look into the brushy area when something else caught it's attention. During that time I was able to get a very close look through the bino's and could make out the dark pots, the white behind the ears and on parts of the tail. It was a full size bobcat and was grayish tan with spots in color. What an amazing sight. Once you see one for the first time you will never forget it.


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