Chilling Mountain Lion Sounds

This morning my husband woke up at 5:00am because of a really odd sound. He thought it may have been one of our kids having a nightmare. Well once I woke up and we stood outside I realized it was a mountain lion. I googled the sounds that they make and am 100% positive. At first I thought it sounded like a gruff, hoarse scream...but it had the cats growl to it in the beginning. Once we went outside with a flashlight it stopped. My older son was awakened by it also. My neighbors have witnessed seeing a mountain lion twice. Once in my yard and once across the street. So this is further proof. We live in Simsbury near Simsbury Farms. We have reported our sightings and "hearings" to the animal control department.

Posted by Marcia Shoham

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  1. Please give me a call other neighbors are reporting loud screams
    860 324-3174