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  1. East Haddam Aug. 2010 I was driving down Rt 151 near the intersection Rt 82 and a large animal ran across the road in front of me. Long body, cat like face but what struck me the most was a very long thick tail curving upwards. Looking at pictures on the internet, the only thing that came close to what I saw last year was a mountain lion.

  2. i saw one twice in two days in scotland ct on rt 97 dep tells me basically im a moron and blind and its a bobcay coyote or wolf… which its tail proved NONE OF THE ABOVE, bobcats have no tail and wolves and coyotes have almost like a puffy tailthis thing had a tail like a house cat only thicker and longer and was dark tan

  3. My sighting was on june 26 2011 in Waterford. The cat crossed route 85 between Cross Road and the Crystal Mall.
    My guess is that it was following the power line right-of-way which crosses Rt. 85 about 100 yards from where I saw it. Like many of the other posters, I KNOW what it was because I had time to observe it as it came out of the woods and cross all four lanes of the highway from my left to right. I was no more than 20 feet from it as it crossed in front of me and dove into the woods on my right. I was still able to see it through the passanger side window as I passed it The ears, face and tail are unmistakable if you know anything about animals.

    After reading some of these posts and comparing dates, it seems that this cat may have come from the western part of the state to our area and then began heading north/northwest through Salem and onward. A quick internet search will show that these cats can travel great distances fairly quickly. One mountain lion with a radio collar was tracked 600 plus miles into Oklahoma from it”s Western habitat.
    I can definitivly say that what I saw was a cougar….it was most definitely NOT a bobcat, coyote, dog, housecat or any of the other suggestions the DEP keeps making. I found and photographed a track beside the road, but the Waterford PD was condescending and uninterested. They told me to be careful not to wander into the traffic!

  4. Yes Aug 4th, Rt 11. Exit 6 off ramp. Will never forget what I saw. My boys will verify. Def. not a bobcat as this had a long tail. DEP must wake up. Are they saying they have never seen one or a good friend of theirs hasn’t?

  5. Yes! Today (Sept 3, 2011) I was driving down Rathbun Hill Road off route 354, heading toward route 354 in Salem, CT. It was around 5:15pm, sun beginning to set. I slowed down as it crossed the road, thinking that it was a deer (based on the color). I had to do a double take because it took my brain a second to realize that this animal was too low to the ground to be a deer (only about 2 – 2.5 feet tall), and the gait of the animal was more feline in nature. It crossed the road from my right to the left, coming out of one field and going into another. It had a LONG, thick (not bushy, the fur was short) tail that curved upward (as one poster has also said) and the head was round and strong, with distinctly feline-shaped ears. I did not see the face, but the profile made me realize that the legs, tail and general profile of this animal were all feline in nature, but the color was a beige similar to a deer’s coloring. I even backed up to find a place in the stone wall where I could see into the field, but the grass was too long to see the animal, even if it had remained in the field and not gone into the woods. I immediately called my husband who was less than a mile away playing in our yard with our 4 year old son, so he could turn up his “spidey-sense.” I didn’t have the ability to locate a phone number for DEP, but you can bet that I will be leaving them a message tonight, and calling to speak with somebody first thing Tuesday. I have eard tell of a cougar or mountain lion here in Salem, but never thought that I would actually see one. DEP has to do something about this!

  6. I seen the mtn lion on Avery7Farm LLC going after baby turkeys in a open lot……while the mother turkey was trying to protect her young………….second time I seen the MTN lion

      1. I saw it just about an hour ago in the same area just a little past Rathburn crossing Rt 354 near where the sign is for the new horse farm. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Scary!

  7. DEP won’t do anything without proof. Photos, pug marks, scat, even a carcass. I don’t know why everyone wants to believe there are cougars in CT. Even in Northern New England you don’t hear somuch about cougar sightings. There are plenty of deer for them to prey on in CT, but really if there were cougars in CT, someone would have a picture, a car would have hit one or more than one, somebody’s goats, sheep, etc. would be attacked, or a child/hiker would have been stalked. Think about – these sightings from cars ????Not reliable. I will tell you that if you are someone who likes being outside – hikes alone like I do, cougars in our wilderness will be a game changer. Think of all the attacks out west on hikers/children. Don’t wish for something you really don’t want.

    1. There have been enough good sightings in CT to believe. There was one hit and we were told some crock about it was passin through. Ive started logging what I call the “Rt66 cougar” I am wondering if the salem cat is the same one? Its only about 15 miles as the crow flies. I dont believe the cat crosses the Ct. River, but other than that what is its range? .

      1. I do also work in the woods a lot and have yet to see one myself. I also have never seen evidence of a bob cat while in the woods, yet the only time I know I saw one in Granby was while driving in a truck, it crossed right in front of me, had to hit brakes a little. 100% sure it was a bobcat despite in the truck. I’ve only seen bear scat a coupe of times and never one in person either while working. Most of these animals will stay way clear of humans, you’ll never know it was near you. These cats have attacked humans, but even in areas where they are known to live, its not very common place. Often its someone riding a bike or running, which is pretty much how it would take down a deer, turkey or many other plentiful food sources.

      2. I’m no expert other than having an interest in large cats, but what I’ve read is they can travel hundreds of miles in a day. I’ve also heard they are pretty good swimmers as well. I’ve heard certainly better than humans can swim. I think a cougar could swim the CT river.

    2. One was hit by a car last year. Many hunters in this state will tell you they are here and have been for a long time to some extent. I worked with animal photographer and very good experienced tracker who spends days on end on at times in the woods who told me he’d tracked one before and knows others who spend there time like he does in the woods who’ve seen them as well. Its not just sightings from cars.

    3. Well Wren, one WAS hit by a car last summer in CT. Its hard to argue that now.Tracks have been found, deer caches found. I was brought up in the woods and was taken to bobcat dens to see cubs and count them when young. over 40 years ago I saw a mountain lion with my parent. The animal had attacked sheep in the town and gotten the farmers really upset. Fortunately it moved on before the farmers got it. They are around, its a fact, sorry to have to inform you. Its impossible to mistake one for a bobcat if you see an adult. They are large, and have long tails. Attacks in the west on humans, even where they are common, are VERY rare. Bears are far more of a threat, even though they are normally not an issue either. Its a well known fact in the hills of Western Massachusetts that they are here. Mothers have been seen with their young. Extremely credible witnesses have seen them.Tracks found. Stand by because now they all know they need to document, photograph, etc. Most of the people werent even aware they were being labeled “extinct”. Tell the people in the hilltowns that, and you will get laughed at. The issue isnt a threat to humans at all. The numbers seem to be increasing, and its just a matter of time. By the way, a family unit was confirmed by a sighting, scat, and tracks in Southern Maine over the last year. Science is being applied to get evidence. Its just a matter of time. They are notoriously good at hiding, and are not often seen even where common in the west.

  8. Saw one today, 11-9-12 crossing route 11 in salem. I thought it was a cat, then a small dog and as i got closer i realized it was something you would see on discovery channel. Def was a mountain lion.

    1. Sarah I wonder if that is the same one from Mc Donald Rd. I live on Route 85 and it was spotted in the woods behind my home. Which means it would have headed for Route 11. Which means he has been following the stream between Route 85 and Route 11. Heading toward Harris Brook and Eight Mile River.

      1. i live in hebron on a well=traveled road. i watched a cougar sitting against my house foundation on front lawn @ 6am. its ears perked up. it stood up and alined its body with a spot across the road.. it waited a full minute before crossing the road in 3 leaps. i phoned deep in marlborough. i said the animal was the size and color of a yellow lab adult. had cat ears with 1 dark horizontal stripe on each ear its only markings and a long tail. the cat had its back to me so i didn’t see its face. deep said it was a bobcat!!!! this happened spring 2011.

      2. I saw a large mountain lion yesterday at 3:30PM which was Wednesday, November 14 in the area of rt 85 and rt 2 overpass. It went up the bank towards Parum Rd (rt 354).
        Greg Baier

        1. Likely a linx or bobcat, i have seen the same animal 2x on rt11 and once on rt 161 just after the splitfrom 85. He/ she is a magestic memory of the wildlife that once called this space home. Theshort tail saysit is not a lion.

          1. I’ll swear I saw one on Forsyth Road up near the farm maybe 2010. I was walking my daughter in her stroller and one crossed the road about
            200′ in front of us. It a gray color but it was NOT a fisher cat, it walked with a cat like slink and had a long tail. About pooped my drawers.

            About a week later, while again walking her, we came across a half a fawn carcass, gutted, about a half mile from my sighting.

            I HAVE seen a fisher cat down by the Mall on 85 in Aquaford.

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