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    1. We have a copy of the article, and spoke to the author, who still has the original picture. We are awaiting permission to post it here. She also informed me that UCONN went out and measured the tree, and came to the same conclusion that we are coming to. Its a large cat, body alone at least 3 ft, with a VERY long thick tail wrapped around the tree. The tree is still there. In the article, a DEEP zoologist admits to having reviewed other photos from CT that were also cougars. We wish access to all the reports and documents related to this case, and those. As you all know, like Mass., CT DEEP denies ever having any of this. However we know that is false in Massachusetts, there were tracks confirmed on multiple occasions, and a documented large pet attack in Agawam that was determined also to be a LARGE cat, with a bite consistent with cougar. (Agawam, North West St, 1980’s. Dr. Shouse Veterinarian examined the dog). As you can see, there are other sightings coming in from that same general area of late. It seems the wildlife agencies have very short memories!

          1. The newspaper article does show the large cat in the tree. And UCONN went onsite and confirmed the picture was taken at that location, and agreed it appears to be a cougar.

  1. I lived in Willimantic at the time this article appeared in the Chronicle. The lady who snapped the photo was walking her dog ( a poodle as I recall) down the trail near the pond in Goodwin State park on route 6. In the photo you could clearly see the mountain lion staring down at her and her dog, and the big cat’s tail was wrapped around the tree. There was absolutely no mistaking this animal for anything but a mountain lion.

    1. There is no doubt. UCONN went onsite and verified the picture location, and determined the size of the animal was appropriate for a mountain lion. We have a copy of the article with the picture, but do not want to post without their permission. In the article, a biologist with DEEP admits having other mountain lion pictures. The tail in that picture is a dead giveaway. We asked DEEP for copies of the other evidence and pictures, and were told this is all too old, they would have been destroyed!

        1. The photo is owned by the paper. If you want to see it, get a copy of the paper from the chronicle. We have a scan of the article, but assume it is copyrighted. An employee of the paper was there. Don’t want any copyright issues.

          1. There is no link. It was published in the paper there. They did not post articles on the internet in 1985. You can contact them for a copy of it. As we mentioned, we don’t want to get into copyright issues.

          2. Thanks…hey question, I’ve become very passionate about the whole Mt Lions in CT mystery…I live in Farmington and was wondering what are some good towns to go out and look for these elusive animals….I’ve seen a Mt Lion once in the Bershires in Mass while driving it crossed the road very slowly…I was of course by myself at night but will never forget it…anyways any recommendations?

          3. That’s a tough one. There obviously are not a lot of them, and they are pretty elusive. The NW hills would be a good bet. They go where deer are, which can bring them into suburbs as well.

  2. There is without question mountain lions in Lebanon CT- My family owns a massive acreage there and the land was surveyed in 2001 when purchased for hunting and trapping. The first round Moose, Deer, Turkey, bobcat, beaver, and BEAR tracks were found…and this is 2001! 6 years later a small lot was sold- the land was then surveyed again for wildlife. Not 1 – TWO different sized mountain lion tracks were found, most likely females as they were huge. The land is literally remote and impenetrable by even ATV’s. These tracks are confirmed by PH’s – professional hunters and guides belonging to African safari clubs…its no joke. I was very young when all of this happened and was excited, but my uncle wasn’t at all and said he had known about mountain lions in CT since he was a state trooper in the 1980’s. Currently in the process of buying camera traps now that I am an adult to prove it all. Bo email me and we can get together and research this huge property together. It is literally untouched by people- unless poachers go there. It is so remote there is also evidence of timber rattlesnake population

    1. He Dan, just stumbled across this, I am also from Lebanon, and most likely know you. Was your uncle named John? Im very interested in talking to you about your findings. If you see this message email me back thanks! @yeaimadubrat@yahoo.com

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