Dawn growls in Tolland, Ct.

Last week (May 20, 2012) I was laying in bed around 5:30 in the morning when I heard a low growl coming from the wooded area across the street. Never heard anything like it before. On Friday morning (May 25) my husband also heard a growl around 6 a.m.. I figured it was some weird creature, though it did sound like a lion. On Sunday we went to a barbecue. That was when a friend of mine who lives on Goose Lane told me she has seen a mountain lion twice in her fields and some very large deer carcasses. I needed to find out what I heard so I finally found a website with big cat sounds. I listened to every cougar sound and cougar 7 was the one I heard. My husband verifies it was the same sound he heard. The horses next door have also occasionally gone crazy for about an hour at a time, runninfg, neighing, and looking into the woods. If you ask me we have a mountain lion that is hunting our area and the horses know it. The growls were the clincher.  My  location is 27 Metcalf Rd. in Tolland, CT.  The marsh is adjacent to the woods across the street.  The marsh has a relatively untraveled crossing over Anderson Rd, which leads into another very wooded area along the Skungamaug River.  That area is heavily wooded and somewhat hilly and rocky.  It leads right up to the back of the fields I previously mentioned on Goose Lane, and my friends backyard.

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  1. The growl is unmistakable. I’ve heard it in my yard walking a new pup in the early hours. The dog had sense enough to bolt back to the door and drag me in….Located tracks in the snow the next day.

    • I looked across the street for tracks. It has some soft, marshy ground but the entire area is not soft and marshy. Could not find any recognizable tracks, though I found one that may have been a track that was about the size of my hand. I am looking for scat now, but so far can’t find any.
      The one thing that has happened is that there are no longer deer tracks in the soft ground.
      The area always had them all the time. I also am not hearing night creatures like before. No porcupines, fishers, raccoons, skunks, owls, and most birds seem to be avoiding the area.
      That is probably the scariest thing of all. Where are they? I am also looking to see if there may be hidden carcasses, since mountain lions hide their kill to come back to it when they are hungry.

  2. Im tracking sightings east of the Ct River. What part of Tolland are you in?

    • I live over by Tolland Marsh, on Metcalf Rd. I live on the piece in between Grant Hill Rd and Cider Mill Rd. We have a triangle of woods that leads directly to the marsh.