UPDATE ON Cougar DNA TESTS from Massachusetts


A second set of DNA tests is being conducted on the material from Massachusetts. Massachusetts Wildlife, and the Federal fish and Wildlife were contacted, and
agreed on the agency that will do these tests. It is hoped that these tests will show the area of origin of the Mountain Lion. Since it has North American DNA, a "released pet" can be pretty much ruled out.

As was posted previously, material was collected at the scene of a horse that was injured in Late June, in Petersham, Massachusetts. It was sent for DNA testing, and both fur and blood have tested positive for Puma Concolor (Mountain Lion), North American. This pretty much eliminates it being a "released pet" as has been the standard label thrown at confirmations. Testing indicated it was a male, North American Origin. The actual cause of the injuries to the horse are inconclusive. The owner is to be commended for recognizing the material that came from the animal, then submitting it for testing. We are also now getting reports from the area close to this location of other animals attacked. One was also dismissed as a "bear".

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  1. This is huge. We know they are here. Thank you for this info