Large Brown Cat

While working outside on a property off Elm street in Stonington, I saw a large brown cat with a long tail walking up a rock formation around 3pm yesterday. It was the size of a big dog but clearly a cat. Scared the crap out me and couldn't believe what I saw until I did some research and found out that they are rarely seen but do live here...unbelievable.submitted by: James Taylor

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  1. I saw one in my yard in Deep River! I was nit sure what I was looking at….large, size of a dog with long tail but cat head….now I realize, it was a mountain lion! It walked around my yard and was quite bold.

  2. Northfield mass, same description of what I saw in my yard on 7/17/17, unbelievable. No picture though, unfortunately it was only in view for 7 seconds and my phone was way across other side of my house.