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  1. Hi, That is my pic. I’ve spent years in the woods, sometimes whole summers living in a tent. My daughter took that photograph and I’ve studied it for hours. After she texted me I told her to go out with the good camera and get better photos! Frankly I’m not sure, it has traits that are a Mountain Lion, for example my daughter compared it to the size of our grill. You cannot see the end of the tail in the photo I uploaded. But it’s longer than a Bobcat tail should be. The coloring is more mountain lion, but there are the spots which are more bobcatish. She says it does not have the tufts of hair in the jowls that a bobcat has. And it’s ears are rounded. The sun was setting and some of the leaves in the background are reflecting the light and the photo is through a fence. I’ve gone out at the spot with the picture and it’s possible that reflections off leaves could be what people are saying are the white ear tufts. Remember I’ve got the original. You don’t. And I can go to the photo site. Given what I can see relative to the branches around the area, it was BIG. I’ve come to appreciate the value of a little camouflage in confusing things. We live next to the South Glastonbury Hunting Club, the guys trail cams have caught this beast and they believe it might be a cross between a mountain lion and a bobcat. While I’ve never seen such a thing, some sites on the internet say it’s possible.

    There are pics of bobcats in Marl, and this beast’s coloring is more muted and brown, but there are those spots on the legs. But the ears ARE rounded. And the tail is LONGER. A really good tail photo would have been great, but she really didn’t want to go back out there. The cat walked between her and the house and looked at her with it’s mouth open.

    I would have loved to see it. In all the years of being in the woods, I’ve only seen flashes as they run away. Years ago when I lived in Canton I saw tracks in the mud of a large paw print. No claws. Only cats walk with the claws retracted.

    1. A number of experts have examined that picture all saw the diagnostics I mentioned.. The leg markings, and the white spots which are clearly bobcat show up well. Only way to dispute that would be a clear pic of the tail, (they normally show well with a cougar), and some kind of size reference to show its too big to be a bobcat. Its very possible for all of us to be wrong, but the evidence isn’t there in that picture.

      1. I agree the evidence is not in the picture. It’s really in my daughter’s head. She says it was 3/4’s as tall as the grill. Yeah, I’ve facebooked with those experts. And I have experienced hunters who are not so sure it’s a bobcat. The fence and the leaves are hiding the definitive evidence. Maybe I can superimpose a yardstick in the scene to get a estimate of height.

        1. Absolutely! We have seen cougars with those stripes on the legs, but that is rare. The white spots on the back of the ears are usually a good clue too. But its possible those are reflections or something. If you can put a known size object there, send in the photo with it and we can work with it. Thanks!

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