Mountain Lion CT Rte 2 South Main St. Marlborough, CT

October 6, 2014 at 7:45 in the evening my wife and I were driving eastbound at 70 mph on CT Route 2 in Marlborough, CT. We both witnessed a Mountain Lion cross in front of the car east to west only 20-25' ahead of the front bumper. The crossing occurred at the South Main St on ramp east bound on Route 2. A close encounter for sure. The body was at least 4 foot across with the long tail added on. Animal moving to fast to estimate weight, color lite dirty blonde with a little white on the under side. A very interesting ride home from work for sure.

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  1. On my way to work 24 Oct at 3A.M. I too traveling towards Hartford on Rt. 2 spotted a large cat similar to the description from Oct 6th. I Have encountered hundreds of deer fox coyote. This was the first time I was startled by such a large cat just standing on the side of the road.