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  1. photos?

    was the other one you’re referring to the Milford one?

  2. confirmed? by whom? please share, thanks.

  3. Have not seen a single news report about this.

  4. Did not happen…

  5. earth to COV…. come in COV….

  6. Dear John V
    Would you please e-mail us @ cougarsofthevalley or call us @ 860 324-3174.

    Bo Ottmann

  7. Did the person contact you? This is frustrating when people post bogus stuff

  8. this is what is disturbing about this site and it ruins the credibility, I have seen many posts claiming to have pictures, well, where are they?????, what is the conclusion of this story???

  9. We are still waiting for a email or call. Usually when we get 2nd 3rd hand stories they
    don’t hold up. This looks like another classic.

  10. Hi Gene
    I want to support this site.
    Some people have nothing better to do than harass others on the internet,
    The 691 posts wont be the last. There are more plenty of assholes out there who get some kind of reward
    from it.
    On ANY site.
    Myself i don’t think that it has ANYTHING to do with this sites credibility.
    People can post whatever they dream up.
    The majority who are reading along could tell after a few hours that it was a non story.
    At least i believe this to be the case.

    A male mountain lion was hit and killed on the merritt parkway last year.
    He walked from south dakota.

    Before that they said it was impossible.

    Case closed as far as i’m concerned.

  11. Hey all,
    my bosses wife just showed me a picture of a mountain lion her co-worker saw last week in Farmington outside of Uconn medical. You’ll be able to see that its clearly a mountain lion and not a bobcat. She said they contacted some wildlife agency about it. I found this site via my google search “mountain lion in ct”. I’m going to email it to the contact on the bottom of the site and hopefully they can post it.

  12. OK COV, let’s see it!

  13. Look on the Facebook page of COV…..Farmington pic… looks like a big bobcat

  14. It is a bobcat…

  15. I saw it too…..getting onto 691 from Preston Ave in Meriden. I couldn’t believe it. Right in the middle of the road….sad. About 5:15pm. I called my biz partner since he was going to be traveling the same way in a few minutes to ask if he would confirm what I saw. It was really big, with a long tail. Positive it was a cougar.

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