Mountain lion in Chepachet RI

Quit mid-day mountain lion sighting in chepachet RI. a mountain lion causally walked out of the woods skirting the edge of a field approaching my house, walked within 10' of the house and back deck, through the yard crossed the driveway and the out the side yard into another pasture. It stopped and glanced at my mother in her car in the driveway and then causally continued never changing its original direction. it was the size of a golden retriever tan in color with black markings on the tail which was as long as his body

Posted by jsilverthorne

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  1. The only way to convince skeptics is with pictures, pictures, pictures. Doesn’t everyone carry a cell phone? If so, learn to use the camera properly….DV

    • Sightings are usually fleeting, and its hard to get the phone app open and get a pic. Practice it everyone to cut that time down!

  2. I have a pik of the exact same description of a mountain lion in Scituate on sun june 23rd at least 60lbs +

  3. Mid 80s, on a back rd in nothboro,mass,I saw a mountain lion.It was at the guard railand stopped when I drove by. I looked in my mirror and saw a 4-5 ft long cat with a tail dragging on the ground behind.

  4. I saw it too. Early one morning when I was on my way to work. I thought it was my imagination. Glad to have the sighting confirmed