Mountain Lion in Chester on edge of Conkaponset

We live on the edge of the Conkaponset state forest and often experience a lot of wildlife in our yard, including occasional foxes, some deer, and apparently now;Mountain Lion. Around 5:00pm on March 7th, 2017, we spotted a mountain lion in our backyard, through the kitchen window. We then saw it scatter off to our neighbors yard after roaming for a minute. A few minutes later a deer shows up in the yard, who I assume was running from the mountain lion. I know of other people who have claimed to have seen them in the conkaponset in recent years and believe what I saw to be a female mountain lion of around 80-90 lbs. Submitted by Corinne Magee

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  1. I live in Higganum in an area near Cockaponsett as well and just this morning I saw a mountain lion of that size run through the edge of the woods along my property line. It was fast and powerful–took my breath away. Just want others to know that they really are here.