Mountain Lion in Torrington, CT

While walking my dog early one morning in a Torrington, CT industrial park I saw a mountain lion. We were walking up a hill and the mountain lion was crouched down on the road at the crest of the hill. I've spent time in the woods and have seen bobcats, coyotes, etc.. This WAS a mountain lion. He stayed motionless at the top of the hill staring down at us as we stopped. I moved myself and the dog off the road and slightly into a factory parking lot. The cat stayed where he was motionless at the top of the hill just looking at us. After a minute or so I raised my hands over my head and waved them back and forth. The cat then darted off of the road into some woods alongside the road. We got back to my truck and left for home. I called and reported what I saw to the state and whoever I talked to didn't seem surprised and told me that they have had other sightings in the area. They told me a biologist from the state may contact me. To no surprise I was never contacted. I'm glad this site exists because I know first hand that mountain lions are in Connecticut.

Posted by wheelz248

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  1. I can’t believe it. I mean, I can and do. I think it’s awesome. And I hope in my lifetime they will make their way to Plymouth, ma! When they do, I’ll buy a pair of night vision binoculars and sit on my porch waiting

  2. i saw a mountain lion when i was driving on the road with my friend. i was driving next to the woods in florida(ikr its so awesome to live there) and she said “hey that’s a really big fox” and i said “thats not a fox i think it’s a..a…MOUNTAIN LION!she screamed and i parked at at bthe side and she called the officers for the animal things and they said they already got a report of a mountain lion so they would take care of the problem so i drove by one 🙂

  3. Definite sighting in his yard on 9/23 off of Mountain Road in Torrington. Another sighting less than a mile away by a different person. Keep your kids ins!!!

  4. Today I was sitting on my parents in law deck and saw a bobcat chasing a small animal. I am from the west and know what I saw. It was great experience!