1. Joe

    Did you get a picture. Have seen many Bobcats in the area but bet we have mountain lions in ct.

  2. Aimee

    No picture unfortunately, it moved way too fast! We stopped the car in front of the yard which it ran into but being it was dark out and there was no illumination outside of the house, we couldn’t see it to get a picture. I don’t believe it was a bobcat as this was MUCH bigger than your average 20-30 pound bobcat and also it’s tail nearly touched the ground, whereas bobcats tails are short and don’t hang down.

  3. Pia McMahon

    Robinsons! So happy to have found and read your observations! About 5 years ago, I was driving down Shelton Avenue in Trumbull headed towards Langankes Florist. It was 9:30 at night and a large mountain lion stepped out into the street from the Merritt side and headed into the woods near the small red Indian reservation. The very large cat with a long tail that swooped to the ground was unmistakable as it stood directly in front of my car while I was stopped. I reported my sighting to several Connecticut Agencies who told me that there were no Mountain Lions here and that I must have been mistaken. Only a few months later, one was struck and killed on the Merritt. Wish I had unfrozen enough to think to take a picture. I was just making sure my doors were locked…..

  4. Kathy

    I realize no one will believe me, but in Trumbull off Madison Ave (near Lake) in May I saw an animal the size of a smaller coyote, bigger than a fox, with a definite cat face. It was way too large to be a domestic cat and looked nothing like a bobcat (which has tufted ears, spots & short tail). It had a tan color, short hair with faded spots, and a long, ringed tail. It was crouched down in cat position after running across Madison and jumped over my stone wall. It had more of a mountain lion face, but it was smaller than a mountain lion. I googled everything I could think of and found pics of baby/young mountain lions – and that was what I believe I saw, it looked exactly like the pics online. Apparently they have spots as cubs and the ringed tail, this one was not a small cub, but at least a young one. Unfortunately it took off before I got my camera.

    • Aimee

      I believe you! We bike ride the Housatonic Rail Trail and have heard from residents in the Monroe area of it that they’ve spotted mountain lions there before as well. So glad to know we aren’t the only ones who’ve seen them! I wish it wasn’t nighttime when we saw ours, and also that it wasn’t moving so fast so that we could’ve gotten a picture. Until someone does, people are not going to believe that any are living in the state, and just keep using the excuse that we’re mistaking it for some other animal. Interesting that you saw a baby, this would indicate a mama has settled here.

  5. Ellen Litwinovich

    On Saturday, 12-31-16 @ 2am I was entering Rt 25 N from Old Town Road and observed a mountain lion standing still in the middle of Quarry Road by the Police Athletic League property. The road was brightly lit, and I had a good view. It was quite large with a long tail.


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