Mountain Lion in Vernon Park

Today, me and my fiance decided to take our 18 month old daughter to Dart Hill park in Vernon. After about 20 minutes of playing and having a ton of fun, I noticed what I thought was a stray dog over near the parking lot. I watched it because I didn't see a person with the dog... but then it looked at me and I realized.. it was NOT a dog. I thought maybe it was a bobcat because they live in the area but it didn't have the ears or coloring of a bobcat. I immediately called for my fiance to pick up our daughter and not put her down, even though she cried because the fun had stopped. We watched it as it walked past the bridge to enter the park and went into the woods.we waited a couple of more minutes and then immediately made our way to the car, keeping a look out in every direction. ..just in case it wasn't alone. Everyone keeps asking why I didn't take a picture, but I was so worried about our safety, especially our extremely small child, that taking a picture didn't even cross my mind. When we got home I called the local police to I'm form them of what I saw and they had animal control call me. Animal control said it was more likely a bobcat... but I know what I saw, and that was NOT a bobcat! Lloked exactly like the picture of a mountain lion I google afterm getting home. I don't think I've ever been so scared before! Submitted by Mary Ryea

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  1. When did this happen?