mountain lion on bethel rd

On Wednesday, Oct 19th, my daughter's dogs were going nuts, trying to get out of the house. It was a little after 6:00am on Bethel Rd, in Griswold, down the Preston end of the road. We put them out on their runs, thinking it may have been a fox or something like that, and they ran around in circles, barking, growling, digging the dirt, continuing to carry on. We did not see anything, but she was on her way out, so she beeped the horn as she drove up the driveway. As she turned to go up the road, a mountain lion crossed the street in front of her car and ran down Dutka Lane, headed towards Pachaug Pond. It was the size of a large dog, golden brown with a long tail.

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  1. I live on Rixtown Rd. In Feb. of 2014 I saw a set of tracks in the snow in the woods behind my house that had to be mountain lion tracks. They were much to big to be coyote or bobcat tracks. Also, last summer (2015) I was talking to a friend of mine who lives on Bay Mtn. He said that he looked outside to see what his dog was barking at and saw a mountain lion in his back yard. I would think this is likely sightings of the same cat.

  2. Yep we had one a month ago on Old Jewett City Rd closest to the Griswold border/164 and it was on my sone trail cam at 2am. I sent the pic to the ct mountain people, he wanted a clearer picture of it but we only have the pic from the trail cam. I am for certain it was a Mountain Lion, not a fishercat or bobcat !!