Mountain Lion sighting in Portland, Ct

On Tuesday, July 29th at around 5:00am I looked out my bedroom window and a very large animal was lying down on Glastonbury Tpke/Rt 17. We live across from a wooded area and close to an outlet of the CT. River. Thinking it was an animal that was hit, I watched it. Then I could see the head move and it was just looking around content where it was. We have a street light in front of the house so I had a good view. I turned on the porch light and opened the front door and it just looks at me and was not afraid. I then opened the screen door and it bounded to the side of the road and I could see the side of view of this animal. Long, lanky, light in color and a very long tail. When it was looking at me it had the face of a mountain lion with rounded ears. I have no doubt that is what I saw.

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  1. Funny thing, this past summer, while on her way to work traveling on 17, my wife Deborah swears she saw a mountain lion. We looked at pictures on the web, and confirmed it. To bad we can’t recall the exact date to see if it compares with your sighting

    • I saw a mountain loin and a cub from my tree stand off del reeves rd, portland, ct. Later, that day i tracked down the paw prints in the snow and took pictures.12/30/2015

  2. 1/21/2016 3:45 pm . Cox rd. where the power-lines cut across the road. I was driving with my sons. We all saw a large cat come out of the under brush and cross the road. The thing that stuck out was the long rope like tail 3-4ft long. We had just been to Bass Pro Shops on Monday of that week and had seen stuffed mountain lions on display….. No doubt in my mind that this was the same thing. Just wish I had my camera ready.

  3. 6/29/17–1pm–I think we just saw the same mountain lion this afternoon on Brush Pasture Lane, Portland–just off Rt 66–it was walking along the old airline trail, headed east. (Back toward Rt 17) The animal we saw was over the height of my knees in it’s body, (I’m 5’7”), pale golden brown in color—no spots or stripes, and a tail about 3 feet long. It came out of a wooded area and ambled across the parking lot in front of the garages here, and then back into the brush.