Mountain Lion sighting-Old Furnace S.P./South Killingly

At 2:05am I was returning home from Hartford airport, and exiting the Rt 695 connector at the Olearis Hill exit(unmarked). As I was traveling up the exit ramp, a large mountain lion darted across the road, barely missing my front bumper. I stopped the car to verify, but she/he was gone. I was completely alert when it occurred, and it definitely was not a doe, bobcat, dog, or any other domestic animal. The height was roughly 32"(visible over the hood of my car), and his body length was roughly equal to the width of my car.

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  1. My husband and I saw a mountain lion in central village a year ago. It ran in front of our car and looked like it was carrying one of its baby’s by the scruff of the neck. Yesterday we saw a bobcat in the Killingly area on rte 12.