Mountain Lion Spotted on Ross Hill Road


To the Editor:

My son saw on Monday (July 23) a mountain lion in his back yard on Ross Hill Road, off Mill Plain Road in Fairfield.

We reported it to Fairfield Animal Control but they did not worry about it, it seems, since I heard nothing in the news and there was no mentioning in the paper.

My son was laying on a lounch chair on his patio when he heared a rumbling coming from up the steep back yard. He saw a dead deer rolling down, sort of, and shortly afterwards, a mountain lion! The cat dragged the dead deer back up in the woods.

He did not hallucinate, nor was he drunk or on drugs!

I think it is important that our town notifies their own folks just like the town of New Canaan did the other day when they had spotted two mountain lions.

I think people should be made aware of them so they can take precaution when outside especially if small children play in the yard.

In this country, something terrible always has to happen first ... I don't want to be in the Animal Control Officer's shoes if a child gets attacked in that neighborhood since they know about it.

I do not mind living with wild animals in harmony but at least I personally would like to be aware if there is a large cat in my yard.

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