Mt. Lion – Torrington

I do believe they are here. I have seen one with my own eyes, most people I tell don't believe me but I am an animal person and know the difference between a house cat, bob cat and mt.lion. It was 2 summers ago, I live in Torrington, Ct which is latch field county, I was driving on a back road from my house (I was on clear view dr) in the Harwinton section,anyhow, it's a short cut to rt 118 I was driving and all of a sudden right by the Harwinton storage place this big cat ran really fast in front of my car, I nearly hit the thing.. Good thing my brakes were working lol. It was close enough I can describe it being probably either a young cat or a female, tan in color with long tail and black points on it. I knew this was no house cat ( wrong color and way to big) it was no bob cat not spotted, had a tail and was much bigger. So I know they exsist around here no matter what DEPT tries to hide.

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