6 Replies to “Mtn Lion on the Colchester Spur?”

  1. “Those cats are elusive to humans” um if you believe 1/2 the sightings on THIS website alone, they are NOT avoiding/afraid of people. On a bike and you’re not afraid? several of the human attacks out west have been on cyclists, esp. if you are riding solo at dusk, I’d be a bit more alert than normal in case one is lingering in the area, you know how dogs like to chase people on bicycles? well ML even more so.
    At least none of the recent sightings have been on MY stomping grounds, whew! I am still “on guard” but not overly paranoid as I have revised my opinion to there MAY BE a few in the State who have a wide range, not that we have dozens of them tho sposedly we have hundreds of Black Bear and I’ve yet to hear /see one or even come across it’s poop.
    I’ve actually been more worried bout ticks then encountering a ML while out hiking, found SIX on me the other day so getting kinda paranoid bout contracting lyme disease etc. This has got to be the worst yr. for ticks ever.

  2. We saw one on Rte 66 in Hebron and that same one most likley has been spotted on Rte 85. The one you saw was most likley this same one.

      1. I think these things are going to be spotted in the same arias . Thinking they cross roads in same spots by habbit like deer……

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