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  1. Matt, a forester up at Quabbin in MA had a sighting 2 winters ago. Fish & wildlife discounted him. I asked why, and was told that “foresters arent experts on animal weight or ID”. Ill tell you what, they have more time in the woods than any fish and wildlife person on staff. Mass and CT F&W are fast losing credibility denying these sightings. If you have been in the woods for years, its pretty hard to confuse ANYTHING with a mountain lion except prehaps a cub mountain lion. The forester in MA was pretty shaken up. The cat he saw bounded across the road from snowbank to snowbank only touching once in the center. Your report is right on and believable to anyone with an objective view.

    1. While I have a B.S. in Forest Science from Penn State, I’m not a practicing forester by trade. I’m a reactor operator at Millstone Nuclear Power Station. That’s right, a nuclear forester.
      I’m sticking with my ID.
      Here’s the exact location ” https://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&ll=41.367219,-71.98172&spn=0.001566,0.002846&t=m&z=19 ” that you should be able to paste into the address field of your browser. If not, the lat. and long. is buried in there.

      BTW, nice website.

  2. Hey Matt, My friend saw a cougar on sandy hollow road last year, damn near where you spotted
    yours. with this recent snow I wonder if there are some fresh tracks?

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