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  1. I saw a cat that looks like the ones in the pictures crossing Route 4 in Goshen this evening at around 6:20pm. Larger than an adult male Bobcat (I’ve seen them up close), it had a cropped tail but no spots like a bobcat, just solid camel brown color. It ran across the road about 20 feet in front of my car. I was so taken I had to go online and see if there was anyone who may have seen what I did. Not a Mt Lion but not a Bobcat.

    • rob , I went online and asked if a bobcat could cross with a mountain loin and found your pics I live in California and was up in camp nelson California driving on 190 when a cat crossed the road in front of me it looked very large with bobcat ears but large mountain loin body and long tail but had bobcat spots I’ve wondered about it . It was beautiful but a lot bigger than a bobcat and the spots and the ears were just like a bobcat I don’t know if they can cross but it had the size of a mountain lion or very close to it with camel body and long tail but the ears were just like a bobcat and the legs had spots I wish I had pics I have been around wild life all my life I came from montana and have seen bobcats and have seen mountain loins but this has me wondering.

    • That game cam pic is a bobcat. In the right pic, you can see the white patches on the back of its ears. Nice pic though!

  2. I saw something just like this this afternoon about 3:00 in North Granby. It was a solid color with no tail at all. I thought it looked like a cross between a bobcat and a mountain lion.

    • I saw this in Simsbury, CT crossing Firetown Road on Tuesday 4/23 about noon near Timber Ridge. It looked like a bobcat with no spots. It was bigger than a cat, no tail, raised hips, powerful, smaller than a cougar.

  3. Wow, kinda freaked out…my chicken was just killed today by something that looks just like that. It really scared us, we were out in the yard letting the poultry free range when we heard a the hens squawking! We looked over and under our pickup truck we saw feathers flying and screaming and out ran this cat w/out hen in its mouth. My husband yelled and ran after it into our woods and it dropped it. After retrieving our hen, some blood was coming from above its eyes and had a broken neck. 10 min. later all our ducks flew and ran into the field, and there was the damn cat outside our coop. We ran and scared it off but I’m pretty freaked out. It happend around 3 p.m in broad day light. We too reside in Ashford, now I know where our live stock have gone. What the heck is it?

  4. I watched this same cat (I believe it’s a juvenile mountain lion) pluck a chicken from under my truck at 3 PM on 9/6/2010 while I was standing twenty yards away. I chased it into the woods, yelling like crazy, and it dropped the chicken (which is now in chicken heaven). A friend showed up two minutes later and the cat returned ten minutes later while we stood outside talking. This cat has some big cohones. My friend saw it better and he described the black on the legs, just like these pictures. Normally I would love such wild things around, except it’s blatant disregard during daylight for my presence and the fact it is as big as my two year old daughter that loves to play around the chickens and ducks.

  5. This is a bobcat…..a mountain lion is much large in size and their tail would be roughly 1/3 to 1/2 the length of their body.

  6. Driving tonight on Rt. 188 About 1/4 mile south of Quaker Farms approx. 6pm on Monday May 14th 2012 I saw the exact same cat cross the road in front of my truck. It was about 20 ft away and both myself and my wife have never seen anything like it before. Tawny colored, no spots, short fur with no ear tufts and a distinctive bobbed tail about 6 in. long.

  7. Is this sight being monitored? I saw what looked like a large bobcat with a mountain lion tail. It was too large to be a bobcat, and too small to be a mountain lion. I am an experienced hunter and know my animals. It was not a Fischer.

  8. My wife and i seen something like this but there were three of them,they came out of the woods and were acting like they were hunting in a pact.The one in the lead was bigger than the other two they wernt a normal size cat but not much bigger than a bobcat,the first one was almost all black the other two were camel color.They have been running where we see turkey all the time and deer wondering what to do being where we have two boys that love to be outside.

    • Just a note, in the first pic you can see the white spot behind the animal’s ear. Thats a bobcat. Many of them in Southern New England don’t have a lot of spots when they get older.

  9. I enjoyed the program last night at Stanton Hall. Thanks, as always I keep my eyes open and a camera at hand

  10. I’ve seen this cross between a bobcat and a mountain lion in Tonopah, AZ. Bigger than a bobcat, smaller than a mountain lion, with a reddish/orange shirt coat and a short (4-5 inch) tail. Got a brief but clear look at him twice in the same day within 40 ft. It’s definitely a hybrid!

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