Possible sighting in Franklin

I'm almost certain I saw a cougar at around 1140 yesterday morning. I think I was in Franklin, coming up 207 eastbound just before the intersection with 32. I saw from a distance at first what I thought was a larger dog. I remember thinking what is a big dog like that doing alone in the middle of nowhere. I thought it was maybe a lab or something. Then it got up and crossed the street I was driving up. I was still a ways off but it was no dog. It moved like a cat, had less of a snout than a dog but it's tail really was cat like. Linger than a dog's and moving like a cats. It disappeared into some brush on the left side of the road. By the time I drove by seconds later I didn't see anything. There may have been water down there, not sure. I drive the back roads a lot and have seen all the usual wildlife you expect to see in CT. This was definitely something different, pretty sure a cougar. Hope this was helpful or interesting. Submitted by Craig Reid

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  1. My wife delivers mail in that area and saw a mountain lion too. She saw it around 3ish in about the same spot.

  2. A Mountain Lion walk across the front of my truck 11/11/16 11am at the entrance to Frontier comm, 114 New Park ave North Franklin.