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  1. almost certainly a coyote. The “eastern” coyotes are actually inbred with Canadian wolves. They are larger than western coyotes, and much nastier. They can be 80-100 lbs, the size of a large german shepard. They will hunt and take down deer (and your pets). They have big heads, and the jaws of a wolf…..

    1. We had them in our back yard last year, and coyote pups! Beautiful animals – we have 2 german shepherds, one is 110 pounds, and this coyote was almost just as big !

    2. They are not at all “nasty”, just a carnivore attempting to survive in a world dominated by humans who continuously encroach onto critical habitat for wildlife. Actually, the only nasty species that I can think of is the human, all 7 plus billion of us destroying everything in our path and paving over nature.
      We truly are a nasty infestation on this poor tired earth, the coyote, and wolf are not.

  2. It most likely was a grey wolf. There are several in CT. Coyotes are a lot smaller. Also, you can Google images of both wolves and coyotes and you can see the difference. We just saw a grey wolf in our backyard yesterday in the evening, We were able to get a photo of it. It most definitely was a grey wolf.

    1. I live in CT. and I have been listening to coyotes for years. And recently I have heard a new one. I know it is NOT a coyote by its howl. It is a WOLF !! Not only that but when it goes after an animal for dinner, unlike the suffering I hear the animal make that is for dinner and it usually lasts for minutes while it is being killed, when this one goes after dinner, the squealing of the animal for dinner is over FAST. And my nieces friend saw one going after a deer and its baby also in a different part of Connecticut too. She said it was HUGE. I have seen coyotes, the gray and white ones and they were big, german shepherd size but she said this was a lot bigger. She said it was really long.

    2. We were driving through Stafford Springs yesterday and suddenly what we thought at first was a huge grey dog came out of a back yard and onto the road. There were houses around and that’s why we thought it was a dog. But it faced us and it was definitely a wolf. Later, one crossed the road in the more wooded area still in that part of the state. They are definitely there.

  3. Last night driving through Stafford Springs Ct I saw 3 wolves in the road, killed by cars, spaced miles apart. They were quite large and definitely NOT coyotes. All were much larger than a German Shepard and had thicker bodies and heads were wider with larger muzzles, grey in color.

    1. Probably coyotes. The ones here in CT have bred with Canadian Wolves, so they are much larger than western coyotes. At the golf course I play at, we have had dozens of them trapped and relocated, some were over 100 pounds and very “wolflike” in their heads and jaws. They take down deer easily, not so with the western ones.

      1. I think Kathy must know what she saw. I’ve seen mountain lions for years and when I told people they used to say it must’ve been a bobcat. Ya know, sometimes people know the difference. I could tell the coyote in my yard was a coyote because he had skinny long legs, pointy ears, unlike a wolf. Its probable we have wolves. Why not? we’ve got everything else. I’ve seen deer, MOOSE, mountain lions, bobcats, mink…haven’t see a bear or a wolf yet but it doesn’t mean we don’t have them.

        1. I live new haven Connecticut by the new haven job corps and I play ball with a group of friends down the hill from us and one of my friends missed a shot and the ball rolled over into the creek and into the woods so he was to slow so I went and got it. when I went to go get it a big greyish white dog was just grazing like he wasn’t worried about me until I crossed the creek he looked up at me and he was massive he had short ears bigger jaws /paws plus the western coyote was forced out and which they traveled east and bred with the eastern wolf which created a coywolf and just regular wolves you guys really need to do ya homework cuz its real I seen every kind of animal but not this one so when I saw it later on in the day I hopped on my laptop

  4. I stepped out of my vehicle last evening 3/17/14 in North Madison, it was 9:45 PM, I heard several cyotes over to my left at about 300′. 30 seconds later i hear something crashing throught the woods coming in my direction, it makes its way to the black top road and starts coming directly towards me, standing there in mere moon light I see this massive animal about 36″ to its spine in a full sprint, it goes accross in front of me at 30 feet distance. All black, huge bushy tail, 5 feet long. It wieghed so much i could hear its feet hitting the road, they sounded like hamburger patties being thrown in a fry pan. Once it went by i could see it in the moon light in front of my neighbors house, it had to be 16 inches wide. I have never seen anything that fast, that close. About one minute after it passed, the same pack or another pack of cyotes was yelpping 300′ over to the right. I never saw the pack of cyotes on the left or heard them go through the woods to the right. Perhaps ther were two packs of cyotes. I could herar a third pack of cyotes accross the highway, about 1/2 a mile away. The cyotes were after it. It wasn’t a dog. It was a wolf.

  5. See the PBS special on Coywolves. It seems this hybrid species is sweeping through the northeast from Canada & adapting to living in urban areas. Really cool documentary. They mostly go for Canadian geese, eggs, rats & small animals. Threat is those affected with rabies like any other animal.
    In a nutshell, they’re everywhere and they don’t seem to be a threat.

  6. I have coyotes around my house, we hear them howling on the golf course behind us. I’ve got pics of one I got on my game cam, have seen it in the early morning, (my husband feeds the deer)..this is a BIG coyote, I have a black sable gsd that weighs around 75# / 26″ at the shoulders and this coyote is as big as her and just as ‘sable’ looking, gorgeous animal. If I knew how to post pics here, I would..Im in Old Lyme

  7. My name is Russ I live on the hill top in Ansonia Connecticut bordering Derby seymour Woodbridge area also the nature center area I take normal walks through this woods I hunt in this woods I’ve hunted coyote so I’m pretty avid hunter I seen a animal that looked like a dog while I was walking out there very large dog it looked like a German Shepherd in a way but it was running very gracefully through the woods like how coyote’s do. It saw me and started coming at me confindence and it had a howl and a scary bark to hin and a real attitude it was not a regular dog I started yelling and screaming and standing really tall on a rock to scared but he was not scared at all. It came in on an angle to from about 200 yards to within 50 yards if I didn’t yell if I was a child it would probably kill me just beware its out in these woods there no Joke. What was really strange to me was there was a pack of what sounded like coyotes howling about 100yards behind him. This was during the day about 3pm. . Just beware with kids in this area. The only reason I’m writing this is because a story just like mine came out in the news today. This was in October 2013

  8. The last several evenings I have heard coyotes landing their kill, about four times. However, last night it was a totally different sound. About 75 feet east of my house, which is north of Hidden Lake in Higganum, I definitely heard a lone wolf howl. It was then followed, after several minutes, coyote whining. Then shortly after I heard a growling sound as if the wolf won the battle. I then heard the growling sound trailing away with a squealing sound following. I imagine the coyote was in the wolves mouth being dragged alive. It was different than the coyote killings I’ve heard. Anyone else hearing more coyotes and or wolves in Haddam area?

    1. I live in Haddam and have heard an intense amount of coyotes in the evening. A friend who lives against acres of woods in Higganum, lost his dog, a mastiff, to coyotes on Thursday evening. What we have here is definitely a hybrid wolf-coyote, that has more wolf than coyote. Three years ago they were audacious during daylight hours. I hope not to have repeat of that again. I fear for my kid playing outside.

  9. If Ricks statement is true that’s what I saw in Collinsville. Hiking at Sweetheart Mountain. Bigger head than I
    Thought for a coyote. Thick mussel and tail healthy 100lbs. Almost like a lighter colored German Shepard. Was beautiful 50yards away 50 feet below our vantage point. Looked healthy and happy in full gate. We were quite load hiking and must have spooked him or her.

  10. I saw a large animal, in East Haddam, at Lake Hayward, in October of 2014?. I think it was a coyote but that’s just a guess.

  11. No way! I live on Stowe Street in Middlefield and about two weeks ago I saw a large light gray coyote that matches your description. I know it was a coyote because he had pointed ears. I was in my back yard with my two young boys and two small dogs. I didn’t even hear it coming. I had that feeling you get when someone’s looking at you, I turned around, and there it was in the middle of my yard. He -or she?- went right into the woods. Was not aggressive towards us that I could see, but not afraid in any way of us, which makes me feel less safe. What I saw was a big coyote slightly larger than a German Shepherd and skinnier, not quite as big as you describe.

    1. So here’s a bit form the link above:
      “We are still trying to sort through this “canid soup” and have found variability within study areas with some “coyotes” having nearly pure red/eastern wolf and others having much western coyote DNA. We will likely not be able to officially call the eastern coyote a new species until we sample throughout the Northeast and determine where they become less “eastern coyote” and more “western coyote” or “eastern wolflike.” However, it is obvious that the eastern coyote is indeed distinct when I compare the size and physical makeup of eastern and western coyotes; I see a more massive eastern coyote that looks very similar to the red wolves that have graced the covers of past issues of International Wolf.”

      So all these animals we are seeing are not pure Coyote, nor are they likely pure wolf. Studies are even indicating a wide variance between individuals with varying mixes of coyote and eastern wolf. Which means some of them are mostly wolf, and some are more coyote. Hence size differences.

      Now, lets all get a pic of a Mtn Lion in CT somehow!!

  12. I have spotted a wolf in Middletown CT back in 2014. It was one evening in the beginning of October it was a lil misty out and it came out the woods and ran right in front of us and across the street where there were houses and more woods.. it was huge bigger than a coyote.. the body was very thick and had skinny legs and a huge head with a long bushy tail and was greyish in color..

  13. I’ve seen coyotes in our neighborhood and elsewhere before. Tonight, a light gray wolf came barreling down the hill across the street from our property. Confused as to what I was seeing, I turned on my car’s bright head lights as it then ran behind some trees before running into the street directly in front of my car (I was stopped,) then running into the woods on the other side of the street. It was huge. Larger than any coyote I’ve seen. Significantly larger/heavier (maybe 100+ pounds?) than my 80+ pound Golden Retriever and also significantly longer than my Golden who is about 57″ head to tail. This was not a coyote. It had rounded ears, a rounded – not pointed – snout and a very different fur, gait, and overall appearance vis-a-vis a coyote.

    1. My husband & I spotted what certainly looked like a wolf (definitely too large for a coyote) in an open field along the Wallingford border of Sleeping Giant Park. He was about 100 yards away, but clearly visible in the snow. He paused, glanced warily at our car & then kept going across the field toward the woods. (We’ve had German Shepherd Dogs for years, & this animal didn’t seem “dog-like”.

  14. I live in the woods in New Hartford. It was after dusk. My English Cocker stayed very close to me. I heard 3 separate deep chesty gruff noises. We frequently have coyote packs working the woods about the same time.
    I spent many years in WY and am very familiar with coyotes. We have some large dogs in the neighborhood as well. this was not a dog bark. This was the sound of a larger animal. My dog is a good field trial dog and was confronted many wild animals. She suspected an enemy may be near in the fields.

  15. Today 07/15/2017 my daughter & me were hiking by Guffrida Park Meriden/Middletown we seen what appeared to be a large wolf, grey on white color very beautiful animal it was a stare down. We continued to walk and this wolf/coyote!watched us the whole way. Very odd. It was NOT scared of us!!

  16. My neighbor saw what she is sure was a grey wolf Saturday Aug 26, 2017 in Easton, CT. She’s lived here a long time as a farmer and knows the difference between a coyote and a wolf. My husband saw what he assumed was an unusually large coyote in our yard a couple weeks earlier. He didn’t get a good look at it but had mentioned how big it was compared to the usual coyotes we see around. Maybe the same animal? She said it had a big snout and more upright gait than a coyote.

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