5 Replies to “Sandy Hook Sighting”

  1. I have just found 3 carcusses and gray fur, of what looks to be 3 gray dogs, probably coyotes, This looks like it could of been done by a mountain lion. I live off of Brushy Hill in Newtown, Ct. Who do I call to report this? Maybe it was done by a pack of wolves.

  2. Went eagle watching in your area a few weeks ago. There were cat tracks in the snow and they were a decent size. I mentioned them to a female volunteer and she thought they could be coyote or bobcat tracks. There were no claw or nail marks at all. They could have grown bigger with a thaw and refreeze, I suppose, but what IF that didn’t happen?????

    1. They can indeed thaw and freeze, and that MAY increase the size. But when that happens detail is normally lost. Cougar tracks are normally greater than 2 1/2 inches or so. Google and there are some excellent pictures that you can use to help identify them. Canine tracks in snow lose the claws often on a thaw. The pad detail is different on bobcat and cougar tracks.

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