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  1. that would most likely be a bobcat as they have nubbed tails…far more likely than a mtn lion with damaged tail…cmon people

    1. Like I said, the animal I saw did not have a “bobbed” tail, it clearly had a long tail. That’s what eliminated a bob cat as a possibility. I researched prior to my previous post. So, either it was a domestic short hair on serious steroids, or it was a young mountain lion.

  2. Not sure about the “nubbed” tail … but bobcats are very small and very colorful, should not be mistaken for large felines/cats . Look for pictures on the internet, this will almost verify with certainty. Be careful around the edges of woods and taller grass area’s . To the person who “sits and paints in the woods. You should bring some sort of protection .. baseball bat, firearms , pepper spray and or an air horn to deter any possible attacks. Wild animals that eat meat will attack what they believe are weak or defenseless targets ( sitting or small persons ) Be alert and make noise’s all the time so they will be deterred from sneaking up on you. Good Luck

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