In late October/early November I was driving to work northbound on rt 11 around 7:15am. I was at the colchester Salem line and the two cars in front of me started to slow down (they were about 1/10 of a mile in front of me). As they slowed down I did too and at that time I saw a large cat with a long tail (the tail was about 4ft long) come out from the tree line on the right side of the road. When it crossed the road I was within 25 yards of it. As it was crossing it didn't seem terribly startled as it looked as though it was more or less jogging rather than sprinting. Once getting to the other side of the road it went just into the tree line and sat down and watched the cars pass. As I passed it you could clearly see it's face and see it's size which was much larger and fuller than a bobcat or lynx. Submitted by Jonathan Merritt

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