Sighting in Middlefield CT

Middlefield, CT : 9:00 AM, Wednesday, July 09, 2014 - Mountain Lion ran in front of my car, about one telephone pole length from me, while I was driving. On Route 157 (Main Street), about 100 yards north of Cider Road. Initially I thought it was a dog, Yellow Labrador Retriever, however the head was round, not elongated, and it had a long tail. It was a full grown animal. I watched animal shows all my life. I'm no expert, however with a 90% certainty, I identified this animal as a Mountain Lion. I was perplexed as the animal I saw did not look locally familiar. I quickly googled Connecticut Mountain Lion, and I came to this sight. I was aghast to learn Mountain Lions exist in Connecticut. Submitted by :Anthony Calbrese

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  1. I saw one today which is 7/15/14 at approx 2300hrs in Watertown. The animal was clearly a mountain Lion and ran across the road Infront of my jeep about 25yrds away

  2. I saw one in Middlefield on Jackson Hill Road near the power lines. It ran very fast across the street in front of my car on the 4th of July 2015. I posted on facebook to see if anyone had seen it. Another friend in town said there was another sighting on Cedar Street someone else posted on facebook. I do not think anyone has gotten a picture of it yet. I got a very good side profile look. I was told when they run, the tail sticks out almost horizontally and that is what I saw.