4 Replies to “Sighting in Southbury, CT”

  1. We saw a Mt. Lion twice the week of July 16th on Bullet Hill Rd, near intersection of Sleepy Hill Rd. Came down off the open space land behind our house to dine on our chickens. I will be setting up a trail cam to try to capture photos this weekend.

  2. Saw a Cougar today yesterday at 1:00PM as I left my driveway which runs beside a forested stream. It ran in front of my car into the brush up by my driveway. It was clearly a long slim cat with close cropped warmish colored tan hair, a very long thin tail to the ground with small stubby ears. I stopped the car to see more but the brush was too thick. The area runs along a stream and up a slight forested mountain where we see many deer. I had recently heard of someone else in Cheshire who saw a Cougar and reported it but they didn’t believe her.

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