4 Replies to “Suffield Mountain Lion December 07, 2012”

  1. Was this in the area where there is a large open field on the east side of 75? I went by today and saw hundreds of canadian geese hanging out there. Good food source.

    1. There have been 2 sightings now this year in Suffield of a possible mountain lion. One was by an animal control officer passing by the area of route 159 south of six flags, another this one. The spots are very close together. We found a record of prints that were taken in Agawam on 75 just north of the border in the 1990′s in a field. Also note the posting of the animal killed on route 159 just north of the Windsor Locks line.

  2. I also saw a Mountain Lion on RT 75 years back. It came out of the corn field that was across from the Meadowrock Farm where all the sheep were. It was a good sized cat. Golden, with the long tail. I wished I had a camera on me.

    1. Back in the 1980s tracks were taken and confirmed at the field on RT 75 right across from the tenessee gas facility. Someone had seen the cat and found the prints. People were farming there at the time. Unfortunately, this is another “lost” confirmation from the past.

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