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  1. I saw a Cougar running toward the Ct. river wooded area in Suffield on Thursday, November 10th. and reported it to the Suffield Police Dept. Just checked out the photos on the web and confirmed that it was definitely a Cougar!

    • Joyce, It’s exciting to see one isn’t it . I wish the one my Wife and I saw was alive. I did go back and retrieve the remains. They are being tested for D.N.A.. I’ll keep everyone posted when the results come back. I have to follow up on that. Al

  2. What happened regarding this evidence you submitted??? Did the DEP get back to you?

  3. They say it was a racoon skin??

  4. There was one walking along the road of the street next to mine. It was beautiful. There’s a family of foxes in my backyard, though. 🙂 We’ve also had bear. XD

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