Young Animal on Route 37

On 11/9 at about 9:10 I saw a dead wild cat on the side of Route 37 very close to the entrance of the Federal prison. I drove back to get a better look so I passed it three times in all and there was no traffic so I went VERY slow. I was late to drop my son off somewhere or I would have stopped and when I returned about 40 minutes later, the animal was gone (I was planning to get a photo with my phone and report it). There is no doubt in my mind that it was dead. It did not have the coloring of a mountain lion, was more similar to a bobcat (which I have seen, but not CT) but it had a very long tail so I was perplexed. I called DEP and they said nobody had reported an animal in that location. I was very busy and did not have time to research my sighting until recently and I am convinced what I saw was a young mountain lion with the darker markings still visible. The tail was very long but did have dark marks on it. The face also had dark markings. I would say it was about two feet in length but couldn't even begin to guess weight. It looked as if the front part of its body had taken the brunt of impact (I'm assuming it was struck by a car) and had blood on its head and its mouth was open. It was laying on the opposite side of the street from the prison property and partially in the snow that was built up on the side. If there are any surveillance cameras used by the prison, perhaps that might help get a picture of the animal and whoever took it (illegally, I assume).

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