Young cougar = breeding population

This sighting was just over the border from the town of Kent, CT, about 200 feet into NY. I'm an experienced outdoorsman very familiar with animals in the area. What my wife and I clearly saw last week was not a native animal. As it crossed the road fifty feet in front of our car I said "that's the biggest bobcat I've ever seen" and it would have been at two or three times the size of a bobcat. But when it stopped about thirty feet off the road and we pulled up even with it it had the one thing no bobcat has, a long tail. Although it was clearly a cat like critter, much like a bobcat it was certainly not one. Nor did it look much like any picture I've ever seen of a mountain lion because it's fur was multicolored. Searching the Internet for something that matched was unsuccessful - until I keyed in young cougar. The pictures that came up could have been photographs of what we saw. I'm a sceptic and have always doubted neighbors reports about mountain lion sightings wondering why no one has taken a picture or a video. I know why I didn't. I was just so amazed I couldn't take my eyes off of it. Submitted by John Fila 11/23/2016

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  1. Just FYI, a “breeding population” would require CONFIRMING a number of families. Hard bar to hit.