I saw mountain Lion yesterday Sept 21

While driving on Rte 44 in Avon yesterday Sept 21st at around noon I saw an injured mountain Lion lying on it’s side on the side of the road with several people surrounding it. Was this reported? I couldn’t believe my eyes. Kathy


I saw one

I was driving down huckleberry road in Avon when a mountain lion ran right across the road. This happened in early April and I failed to report it then because I didn’t know it was a oddity.


Avon, CT

On country club road in avon, ct at around 7 pm last night I saw a young mountain lion slowly crossing the street. Jumped over a pile of brush gracefully, long thick tail, big paws. About the size of a small collie.


Mountain Lion

Mountain Lion

I was almost certain I saw a mountain lion cross Nod Road in the spring. I went on line to look at pictures of different animals and felt sure it was a mountain lion. Last night my daughter arrived home very concerned. She saw 2 animals cross over Hazen Drive in Avon into Hazen Park.


Avon Sighting

On Wednesday, March 10, 2010 I left Huckleberry Hill Road and turned onto Chevaz at about 7:10 a.m. About 2/3rds of the way down something leaped from a residential lawn into the road and then took a second leap which put the hugh animal on the other side. At first I thought it was a