Sighting in Barkhamsted

Spotted a mt lion in our backyard last week on eddy rd in barkhamsted. The cat wasn’t bothered by us looking out the door at him/her and just slowly strutted across the grass and back into the woods.


Mountain lion sighting in Barkhamsted

Saturday 7/30/11 afternoon, came across a mountain lion in the back of my property approximately 30 feet away. It was laying in tall brush before getting up and walking in the opposite direction. Have seen many black bear pass through my property but never a mountain lion till now. I have German shepards and the


Sighting in Barkhamsted

In March 2008 I saw a Mt Lion near the Barkhamsted Reservoir. There was NO mistaking what I saw. It had to be 6-7 feet long from nose to tip of tail and about 140-160lbs. It leaped across the road in front of my car and jumped up and embankment effortlessly. My family were speechless


Cougar sighting – Barkhamsted

About three years ago I believe I saw a mountain lion race across the road at the western end of Hillcrest Road in Barkhamsted. It flashed across the road from left to right into a swamp area, ran low to the ground and had a long skinny tail. This was late afternoon on a sunlit