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Colin McEnroe Show: Are Wild Mountain Lions Back In Connecticut?

original post Most people want to believe there’s a breeding population of mountain lions spreading through parts of Connecticut and into New York’s Hudson Valley. People root for this to be the case. We want to believe that where we live is not completely tame – that there’s a whiff of wildness and mystery to


Mountain lions in Connecticut? – REPUBLICAN-AMERICAN

Kim DaVino-Garcia believes what she saw was a mountain lion. It was early August when a large, tawny-colored cat with a long tail crept into the pasture where she keeps a half-dozen horses off Newcomb Road in Goshen.


Cougars of the Valley on FarmingtonValley.Net

Last week I met with Bo Ottmann, the founder of a local organization called Cougars of the Valley. Bo is convinced that Mountain Lions are established and do exist in Connecticut and he is out to prove it. Bo is soliciting the public and offering a $50.00 reward to anyone who photographs a mountain lion with an identifiable Connecticut landscape.

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