mt. lion siting in burlington, ct.

i was on scoville road on feb. 24 2012, A mountain lion ran across the road right in front of my truck. I have seen bobcats on my property, but have seen a big cat of this nature in person. I was completely in awe at its size and the way it crossed the road.


Sighting in Burlington, CT 08/31/11

I was driving down Rt 69 in Burlington on Wednesday around noon and saw a Mountain Lion in the road eating road kill. As I approached with my car he ran into the woods quickly. It was about 100lbs, light tan with a long tail.


Sighting on 08/30/11 in Burlington

This morning at 11:40, while driving to a doctor’s appointment I saw a mountain lion run across George Washington Tpke near the intersection of Belden Rd, in the direction of the fish hatchery. It ran across about 100 feet in front of me, was reddish-brown in color, maybe about 100 lbs, and had a tail


8/8/11 Mountain Lion in Burlington

Driving home 8:15pm dusk spotted what I thought was a fox until i noticed cat like appearance and the J tail. This lion was lanky and somewhat rust in color with rounded ears. Pranced away towards Taine Mountain.


Burlington Sighting

This occurred some months ago, possible as long as 18 months. I was traveling north on West Chippens Hill Road in Burlington, CT. This was perhaps 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile north of the Bristol border. It was early evening (4-6pm) and not dark yet. An animal the size a large dog ran across


Cougar in Burlington

About 10 am on October 14, 2010, while I was driving west on Route 4, in Burlington, just west of Lyon Road. I saw a large tan, cat like animal with a long thick tail cross the road.