Berlin CT Sighting 2/20/2014

I am a FedEx driver for Berlin, Ct. On Thursday, February 20, 2014 just after 1:15 PM I had just delivered a package and was getting back into my truck on the lower end of High Rd (where it intersects with the Chamberlain Hwy) when I spotted a very large cat which I believe was

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Night Video From Our Trail Cam Test Site

For those of you following the start up of our trail camera program, here is a new video myself and Bo Ottman retrieved off one of the three camera sites we have working in Canton this evening. This video shows a Bobcat at night responding to a distressed prey call. Turn your volume up and


Important Trail Camera Initiative, Please Read!

Important Trail Camera Initiative, Please Read!

To all followers of Cougars of the Valley (COV): Cougars of the Valley (COV) is preparing to launch a major new initiative to document undisputed evidence of a wild Mountain Lion population within our State. I am a volunteer field researcher (Biologist and Physician) working directly with Bo Ottmann the founder and director of this

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