East Granby


Mountain Lion Sighting country club East Granby ct

11/23/2012 around 2:00AM, coming home on country club lane(across from copper hill golf course), it ran in front of me. It was was surprising how big it was, definitely not a bobcat.


Mountain lion sighting

I believe I saw a mountain lion at about 5:00 pm tonight, September 13. It crossed in front of me on Copper Hill Road in East Granby. Large cat with a long tail.


East Granby

I had two sightings of a large cat at Nicholson Rd and Perimeter Rd in East Granby. Aug – Sept of 2011. Both sightings were around 7 PM, and about a week apart. Fire Department had said they saw a cat before and it was a Bobcat. Not knowing much about cats I looked on


East Granby Moutain Lion???

I was out walking the dog today and could swear a Mountain Lion crossed the road just 100 feet ahead of us near Fox Run/Copper Hill golf course. He quickly crossed from the heavy cover on one side of the street to the other. I believe it was much to big to be a Bobcat


Rumor – mt. lion crossing Allgrove school entrance

The following was sent to all East Granby School System email users yesterday. – Caution Just a quick FYI…….. a mountain lion was seen crossing the driveway at the entrance to Allgrove school late Friday evening. All administrators have been notified to exercise caution. We will call Allgrove school and see what’s going on. Bo