East Haddam


Mountain lion sighting Haddam

At about 5:50 AM on July 8, 2014 we were driving on route 66 just past Middle Haddam heading to route 84 when a large cat crossed the road in front of us. It was about the size of a german shepherd and had a long tail. We only saw the profile so we couldn’t


Bobcat sighted in East Haddam

On 11/15/2011 between 11 AND 11:30AM a bobcat crossed my field of view while I was observing several deer with binoculars on my back property in the viinicty of the intersection route 82 and 151. The deer were about 30 yds. from my kitchen window when a bobcat crossed my field of view between me


Alert: Mountain Lion Sighted in East Haddam

A mountain lion was spotted this week just off Route 149 and Creek Row in East Haddam, along the power-line corridor. Animal Control Officer Michael Olzacki was on his way to a residential animal-control call when he spotted the animal… Update: Sorry this post is removed at the request of AOL. To read this AOL’s


Two Bobcats in East Haddam

Two Bobcats in East Haddam

Two large bobcats crossed my front yard this morning on O’connell road in East Haddam around 6:15 My mother saw them first and yelled to me. At a brisk pace they crossed the front yard and quickly entered the woodline. I’ve seen them around before and it won’t be too much longer before their luck


Millington Green Mountain lion

Driving along Mt.Parnassus Rd. By millington green cemetary in East Haddam at 9:45 pm when this 90lb to 100lb tan cat with long tail crossed the road about 40yds in front of me.


Bobcat in East Haddam/Hadlyme

I spotted a bobcat crossing Rte 82. near Cold Spring Road in Hadlyme. The cat was predominantly brown (similar to the photos of the cat in Ashford). I did not notice the distinctive interior leg stripes but the tail was definitely short and bobbed. I was able to slow my car and watch it for