Mountain lion Glastonbury, CT

Live on hebron ave glastonbury on rattle snake mt near birch mountain road. 6 am saw mountain lion crossing back yard. Second time in about five years. I’m not an expert but it was a mountain lion not bobcat there is two resident bobcats I see frequently. Submitted by Patrick Sullivan¬† 4/3/2014


Dead Cat on Rt. 2 Several Years Ago

Several years ago, my wife and I were traveling west down Rt 2, and we saw what was almost certainly a dead mountain lion on the side of the highway, between exit 10 and exit 12 (Glastonbury/Marlborough area). We got off the exit, and came back around again to get another look, but were unable


Mountain Lion Sighting in Glastonbury

I spotted (what I firmly believe was) a mountain lion crossing the street while driving in Glastonbury on November 8, 2012. It was about 8:30 in the morning and was just west of the intersection of Neipsic Road and Brook Street. The cat was probably between 85 and 125 pounds. I called the DEEP the


Mountain Lion Program with Bill Betty

Mountain Lion Program with Bill Betty

Friday, September 30th – 7pm to 9pm


Possible sighting

When I was walking with my dog in Glastonbury (the beginning of June, a few days before the mountain lion was killed in Greenwich) a thought crossed my mind to turn around and look. About a quarter of a mile away, a tan,long, lean and large animal was crossing the road,walking low to the ground,