Mountain Lion Sighted Granby/McLean Refuge Area

At 4 PM today a mountain lion ran out of the brush and crossed the road in front of our car at a distance of about 150 ft. Towards the woods. It was mature and muscular and smoky colored and about 100-125 lbs. we live adjacent to the McLean game refuge.  Submitted by: Jane Ellrod


Simsbury on Hopmeadow/Granby area

leaving work at 1502 Hopmeadow St at 7 pm last night I caught a cat in my headlights starting to cross rt 10/202. legs big and strong looking. all i could think of was a tiger or lion. it looked like and moved like a lion i would see on national geographic channel. it was


Granby sighting

Just found this site after reading story in the Courant today. One moening in March 2012 what I believe was a mountain lion crossed the road about 50 feet in front of my car while I was driving on Day St. in Granby, CT.


Large cat seen in Granby

Driving home this evening at 5:00 I was traveling up Creamery Hill Road from Rt. 189 and saw a large cat cross the road ahead of me. It was light brown/fawn in color, approximately 3-3 1/2 feet tall, long and slender and nibble on its feet as she ran across the road. She was crossing


Granby – Barndoor Hills Road

April 24th at 7:30 pm spotted a large (approx. 80 lbs) tawny colored cat in side yard. Cat had large tail with black tipped ears. Went to retrieve camera but cat was gone when I returned.


Granby, CT

At approximately 4:30pm on March 31, 2012, my family and I witnessed a large cat that we believe was a mountain lion at the west end of our property. Our first sighting was of a deer running through our yard and into the adjacent apple orchard. This was followed seconds later by a large cat


Granby Mt. Lion

Several weeks ago a large, very dark Mt. Lion wandered across out lawn. Was observed by my brother. Was so shocked, never had time to get camera. Was in broad day light. Told a friend with DEEP and his said, “they are around more than people realize!” As for a picture, will keep you in


Granby CT Mountain Lion

345pm driving down Mountain Rd in Granby. Saw giant long tailed cat atleast 80lbs, probably bigger. Slowed down to look and it ran up someones driveway.


Mountain Lion near Granby/Simsbury line

In Late June of year 2000, I witnessed a large mountain lion crossing Simsbury road at the intersection of Barn Door Hills (this is just west of the Simsbury/Granby line) It was early morning and the cat was trotting along til it saw me. Clearly startled it took off and jumped up the steep incline


Mountain Lion in Granbys

I went outside to clean up a few things under the deck and heard a little noise near a woodpile in our yard last Wednesday evening (Nov 10, 2010 about 5-5:30ish PM). I was about 20 ft away from the woodpile and thinking it might be an animal, made a little noise to be sure