Sighting in Middlefield CT

Middlefield, CT : 9:00 AM, Wednesday, July 09, 2014 – Mountain Lion ran in front of my car, about one telephone pole length from me, while I was driving. On Route 157 (Main Street), about 100 yards north of Cider Road. Initially I thought it was a dog, Yellow Labrador Retriever, however the head was


Mountain Lion in Middlefield

We had a mountain lion walk Through our backyard this afternoon around 12:30pm. It was tannish in color. The body was around 3ft in length with a long tail. Based on pictures I have seen online it definitely was not a bobcat. Kind of frightening since my kids are usually outside playing in the yard


Possible Wolf Sighting in Middlefield, CT

I had been in Madison visiting my friend, and on my way back, decided to stop by my old house to see how everything was holding up. This neighborhood is usually a peppy, happy neighborhood, but nobody was out and it was cloudy, and slightly misty. I was taking the left to continue on the


Strange panther seen in Middlefield

As I was driving down Mack Road in Middlefield this morning at 7:10 a.m. (Sept. 14, 2011) toward Jackson Hill Road an animal ran across the road in front of my vehicle and it was like nothing I have ever seen. The best resemblance I can come up with is a black panther. It was